Pokies Machines

Among all the casino games available online, Pokies stand out as the most popular choice. In this article, we’ll delve deep into the world of Pokie machines, covering game rules, tips, advice, and exploring various variants of these machines. Additionally, we’ve compiled a list of recommended New Zealand casinos, all offering over 1,500 games for your enjoyment!


Online Pokies

There exists a wide array of online Pokies, accessible to players in New Zealand via computers, mobile devices, or tablets. While the underlying Pokie machine remains the same, the specific game you choose can lead to distinct experiences. Even the choice of casino can influence your gameplay. Although outcomes are determined by chance, many players opt to test their luck at bookmakers and casinos known for generous payouts.

One of the primary distinctions among casino games lies in their structural makeup. The number of reels you can play with varies across different online Pokie machines and games.

“Online Pokie machines draw inspiration from their physical counterparts, often offering higher winnings, bonus games, and jackpots.”

Another critical distinction is the inclusion of various features like symbols and bonus rounds. Different Pokies come with varying levels of complexity, catering to those who prefer straightforward gameplay as well as those seeking surprises. Furthermore, themes, winning probabilities, and volatility levels further differentiate Pokie machines, aspects we’ll discuss in more detail later in this article.

For new players at online casinos, a diverse range of themes awaits, from action and horror to jungle and sports. The breadth of themes available in Pokie machines contributes to an engaging and dynamic gaming experience. Most online casinos also incorporate smart filtering for their games, often referred to as Pokie games.

“Playing Pokies provides a range of opportunities to customize your gaming experience, optimizing your chances of securing a win.”

Popular Pokie Machines

While you might think that discussing “popular Pokie machines” is less intriguing—after all, you play what you like—a quick look at the current most-played Pokies can offer insights into the most entertaining options. You may discover a new, exciting Pokie machine or revisit an old favorite due for a comeback. Below, you’ll find a selection of Pokies that are currently in high demand at casinos.

  • Empire Fortune
  • Mega MoolahAbsolootlyMad
  • Reactoonz
  • Money Train 2
  • ImmortalRomance
  • StarburstXXXtreme
  • Book ofthe Dead
  • Divine Fortune
  • Fire Joker
  • Bonanza
  • Starburst


Play Online for Free

The majority of online Pokies are available in demo versions at various online and mobile casinos. For instance, with many new mobile casinos, you can test the game without making a monetary wager. This means you can explore the game without any financial risk.

“Trying out a free casino Pokie machine provides an excellent opportunity to grasp the rules and features of the game before potentially playing with real money.”

It’s worth noting that demo versions faithfully replicate the actual gameplay, ensuring a realistic preview of potential profits. At 1080facts.co.nz, we offer numerous demo versions of Pokies and Pokie machines, allowing you to play for free by accessing our game reviews. Our reviews cover a wide range of themes and are sourced from various game developers.


Varieties of Online Pokie Machines

Modern online Pokie machines boast distinct features that set them apart, including wilds, scatter symbols, and bonus rounds. This wealth of features is made possible by the proliferation of game developers specializing in casino games. Here are some common types of Pokies you’ll encounter online:

  • Classic Pokie Machines: Resembling the traditional machines found on ferries or in land-based casinos, these games evoke nostalgia with their straightforward yet entertaining gameplay. The category encompasses both one-armed bandits and classic 3-reel Pokies.
  • Video Pokies: These represent the modern age of Pokie machines, featuring graphic and interactive elements beyond what physical machines can offer. Video Pokies come with a plethora of functions and features, including free spins, high wins, jackpots, and even progressive jackpots.
  • Progressive Jackpot Pokies: In this category, a portion of the turnover contributes to the progressive jackpot, leading to potentially substantial winnings. The jackpot’s value increases with the machine’s popularity, offering significantly higher payouts compared to non-progressive machines.
  • Non-Progressive Pokie Machines: These machines either lack a jackpot or feature a fixed one, which, although not growing with gameplay, can still yield impressive wins. Non-progressive Pokies compete with their progressive counterparts and have their own unique appeal.
  • Pokies with Many Paylines: While early Pokies limited the number of paylines, modern variants can feature up to 100 lines. This allows for a wider range of bets and more opportunities for winning combinations.
  • Megaways Pokies: These games offer an even greater number of ways to win, sometimes reaching up to 117,649 different routes. The dynamic nature of Megaways Pokies has contributed to their popularity among players seeking diverse gameplay experiences.


Symbols & Features

In addition to standard symbols, video Pokies often include bonus symbols that can enhance your chances of winning. Herearesomecommonbonussymbolsandtheirsignificance:

  • Wild Symbol: This symbol substitutes for other symbols, increasing the likelihood of forming winning combinations. Its appearance and behavior may vary from game to game.
  • Scatter Symbol: These symbols can appear anywhere on the reels and still contribute to a win. The more scatter symbols present, the greater the payout. Additionally, they often trigger free spin rounds.
  • Free Spins: Depending on the Pokie, free spins are activated in various ways. The number of spins can vary based on the number of scatter symbols. Winnings during free spins are often higher thanks to multipliers activated during the bonus rounds.
  • Bonus Symbol: Linked to the Pokie’s bonus game, a specific number of these symbols can trigger an entertaining opportunity for substantial wins. Bonusgamesofteninvolveuniquetasksorchallenges.


Pokie Tournaments

Pokie tournaments add an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay experience. They offer the chance to win prizes on top of potential machine winnings. While the specifics of tournaments can vary, here are some general aspects to consider:

  • Promotional Periods and Registration Dates: Some tournaments require pre-registration, while others are more spontaneous. Check your online casino’s website for tournament schedules and registration details.
  • Participation Costs: Tournaments can be free or involve a buy-in or entry fee. Some casinos also offer loyalty point systems that can be used to gain entry.
  • How to Win: Winning criteria can vary, from achieving the highest single win on a specific Pokie machine to having the highest payout percentage during the tournament.


History of the Pokie Machine

ThePokie machine’s roots trace back to the late 19th century when Charles Fey developed the Liberty Bell, the first-ever Pokie machine. Initially conceived as an automated poker game, Fey’s invention featured three reels and five symbols. The machine’s success led to further innovations and the eventual mass production of Pokie machines.

Over the years, technological advancements and legal challenges shaped the evolution of Pokie machines. From mechanical to electromechanical and eventually electronic models, these machines underwent significant transformations. Today, Pokie machines thrive in the online environment, offering a vast array of themes and features.


One-Armed Bandits

The term “one-armed bandit” originally referred to early Pokie machines. Charles Fey’s Liberty Bell, with its lever-operated mechanism, was a prime example. These machines evolved over time, becoming more sophisticated and adopting various themes.

In the digital age, one-armed bandits have transitioned to online platforms, where they are commonly referred to as online Pokies. These modern digital counterparts come in diverse themes and designs, catering to a wide range of player preferences.

The world of online Pokies has expanded tremendously, with casinos offering an extensive selection of machines, each with its own unique appeal. From classic fruit-themed designs to elaborate 3D visuals, the options are virtually limitless. Stakes vary, allowing players to choose their preferred level of risk and potential rewards.

With the internet’s emergence, online Pokies have become more accessible than ever, ensuring their continued popularity in the gaming landscape. The legacy of the one-armed bandit lives on, evolving to suit the preferences of modern players.

New Zealand Pokies: A Historical Overview

Pokie machines made their debut in New Zealand in the 1940s and swiftly gained popularity. However, in 1979, they were officially banned by law. This prohibition dealt a severe blow to numerous establishments, contributing to the closure of many entertainment venues in the subsequent years.

It wasn’t until 1996 that legal Pokie machines reemerged on New Zealand soil. This time, the government of New Zealand took charge of regulating the machines, with the notable introduction of Jack Vegas. The classic one-armed bandits were replaced by touchscreen and button-operated machines. While one might assume that this marked the extent of New Zealand’s association with Pokie machines, the reality is quite different. In fact, New Zealand Pokies have a much more significant presence on the internet than one might imagine. Let’s delve deeper into New Zealand’s gaming machines and where to find them!


Prominent Game Developers in New Zealand

Many may not be aware that some of the most recent and best casino games are developed by New Zealanders. While not all of them bear a distinct New Zealand touch, it is nonetheless heartening to know that our small nation contributes significantly to the creation of top-tier games. A notable mention goes to the software provider Netent, responsible for hits such as Jack Hammer, Gonzos Quest, and Mega Fortune. Some of Netent’s Pokies even incorporate New Zealand themes, featuring Vikings, Norse gods, and other Scandinavian-related motifs.

Another rising star in the online gaming industry is Play N Go New Zealand. This game provider has developed popular Pokie games like Rich Wilde and The Amulet of Dead, Hugo the Grim Muerto, among other favorites. These games offer a diverse selection of Pokie machines with sought-after sequels.


Top Mobile Pokie Games: Four Favorites

  1. Starburst Touch: Starburst has maintained its popularity for several years and remains a favorite at most online casinos, including mobile platforms. Its simple yet action-packed gameplay translates seamlessly to smaller screens, making it an excellent choice for those curious about mobile Pokies.
  2. Blood Suckers Touch: While this game may have a darker theme, it earns its place on our favorites list due to its impressive win percentage. Blood Suckers Touch boasts one of the highest player returns over time. If you have an affinity for both winnings and vampire lore, this game is worth sinking your teeth into.
  3. Twin Spin Touch: This Pokie seamlessly combines modern and traditional elements in a way rarely seen. Drawing inspiration from classic one-armed bandits while offering a rich gaming experience with exciting bonus features and substantial wins, Twin Spin Touch stands out as an exemplary mobile Pokie.
  4. Mega Fortune: A true classic, Mega Fortune holds the record for the largest online win at $154 million. It also boasts the highest mobile win, with a New Zealand player scoring an astounding $23 million jackpot in Mega Fortune Touch.

Hundreds of Mobile Pokie Machines

A few years ago, the selection of mobile Pokies was limited, with only basic games available. Today, the landscape has changed dramatically. New Pokie machines are released for mobile platforms every month, with NetEnt leading the charge. They are also in the process of adapting their most popular older Pokies to fit the mobile format.

More casinos have recognized the significance of mobile gaming, with some even positioning themselves primarily as mobile casinos. LeoVegas is a prime example of this, where approximately half of all gambling occurs via mobile devices. Experts predict that mobile gaming will surpass traditional gaming within the next few years.

Advantages of Mobile Gaming

The primary advantage of mobile gaming is undoubtedly its accessibility. Being able to play at a casino from the comfort of your home was once considered a luxury, but now players expect the freedom to play wherever, whenever, and however they choose. Mobile casinos also offer bonuses and free spins, which can be accessed directly from your mobile device. No need to create a new account – simply log in and play using your existing credentials.

Furthermore, most Pokies are designed to be played on mobile devices, with clear, intuitive interfaces that work seamlessly on smaller screens.

Disadvantages of Mobile Gaming

While increased availability is generally an advantage, it can lead to challenges for players struggling to maintain responsible gambling habits. If you find it difficult to manage your gambling urges, it’s essential to set limits and seek support from your chosen casino. Most New Zealand casinos offer features that allow you to pause or restrict your gameplay.

Additionally, the smaller screen size on mobile devices can be a drawback compared to playing on a computer or laptop. However, with advancements in mobile technology, this issue is becoming less significant.

Tips and Advice for Playing Pokie Games

Before diving into Pokie games, it’s important to remember that they are games of chance. Be cautious of any portal claiming to have a foolproof strategy, as none exist. Instead, focus on practical tips to enhance your entertainment and minimize unnecessary losses.

Myth 1: Predicting the Next Spin

False! Pokie outcomes are determined by random number generators, making it impossible to predict the next spin’s outcome.

Myth 2: “If I Had Played Instead…”

False! Each spin’s outcome is independent, and previous spins have no bearing on future results.

Smart Tips for Players

  1. Familiarize Yourself with the Game: Understand the game’s rules, betting options, winning combinations, and special features. ConsultthePokiemachine’spayouttableformoreinformation.
  2. Set a Budget: Only gamble with money you can afford to lose. Establish a budget before playing and stick to it.
  3. Play When Alert: Avoid playing when fatigued, stressed, or emotionally compromised. Clear thinkingleadstobetterdecisions.
  4. Consider Lower Stakes: Playing with lower stakes allows for more rounds and extended entertainment. While winnings may be smaller, it’s an excellent strategy for those seeking fun rather than massive payouts.
  5. Maximize Bets for Jackpots: If you can afford it, consider placing higher bets, especially for games with progressive jackpots. Somejackpotsrequiremaximumbetsforeligibility.

Learning More in the Casino School

For comprehensive knowledge on playing Pokie games and other casino activities, explore our casino school. It offers a thorough guide to understanding online casino gaming.

In Conclusion

Pokies, also known as Pokie machines or video Pokies, are immensely popular in the world of online casinos. They are the leading revenue generators in the global betting industry. While there are both exceptional and subpar Pokie machines, understanding their mechanisms is crucial.

In the next part of our casino school series, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of Pokie machines. By the end, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of how online Pokies function and how to discern high-quality games from the rest.

How Do Pokies Operate?

Today’s Pokie machines have evolved from a type of machine with over a century of history. While we won’t delve into their full history here, it’s worth noting that original Pokie machines featured three reels with various symbols. Pulling a lever set the reels in motion, and the outcome depended on the symbols aligned when the reels stopped. Such mechanical Pokie machines are nearly extinct today. Nowadays, everything is digital, even in physical casinos. Nevertheless, the fundamental principle remains the same: you press a button, a random number generator activates, and an outcome is generated in the hope of a win.

Pokies and Odds

A crucial distinction between modern Pokie machines and other casino games is the challenge of quantifying odds. With features like five reels, 20+ paylines, wild symbols, bonus games, scatters, and more, calculating the odds of specific outcomes becomes exceedingly complex. This complexity limits the effectiveness of direct strategies. However, there are tips and tricks that can influence the likelihood of winning.

Theoretical Payback on Pokie Machines

The closest approximation to odds is the “theoretical payback,” denoting how much you statistically receive back per unit wagered. Many game developers tout their games’ theoretical payback, perhaps because it’s an appealing metric. However, there are exceptions, such as New Zealand developers like NetEnt and Thunderkick. In their Pokie machines, you can find the theoretical payback in the game’s help section. A theoretical payback of 100% would mean you receive $1 for every $1 wagered. It’s crucial to remember that theoretical payback is a statistical concept and does not reflect individual spins. A reasonable theoretical return is roughly 96% and above. No Pokie machine or casino game offers 100% theoretical payback or higher.

Consider this: theoretical payback is relevant when examined over an extended period. During an individual spin, the actual payback can range from 0% (loss) to potentially thousands of percent (e.g., a jackpot win).

Pokies Strategy

Let’s be clear: Pokie machines aren’t the games for strategic play. For that, consider games like blackjack, video poker, or poker. Pokie machines are games of chance, and no system guarantees profit. You may have heard avid Jack Vegas players claim to have cracked the code. If that were true, they’d likely be millionaires rather than seated at the local pub.

The only strategy that universally applies to Pokie machines is knowing when to walk away with a profit and avoiding bets beyond your means. That’s the unvarnished truth.

Having said that, there are tricks that can enhance your chances of winning. While not foolproof, they complement responsible gambling and heighten the potential for significant wins.

High or Maximum Bet: This applies to many Pokie machines, though not all. Often, there’s an incentive to play with the highest coin value. This can lead to better theoretical payback and qualification for jackpots and bonus rounds. A general principle is that higher stakes yield better returns in the long run, although this isn’t always true. For example, many modern Pokie machines feature numerous bet lines, and playing the maximum bet on all lines can become costly. In such cases, it may be worthwhile to play fewer bet lines but increase the bet on each active line. This approach offers a slightly lower chance of winning on each spin, but the potential payout, when it occurs, can be significantly higher.

Play When the Jackpot is Above Average: This tip applies primarily to Pokie machines with jackpots. Statistically, it’s smarter to play when the jackpot exceeds its average payout amount. For instance, if a particular jackpot typically pays out at $10 million, playing when the jackpot is higher than this threshold increases your chances of securing a larger reward.

Pokies – Myths and Misconceptions

As with many casino games, Pokie machines are surrounded by a slew of myths, misconceptions, and half-truths. Let’s debunk some of the most common ones once and for all.

Myth 1: “The Chance of Winning is Less After a Large Payout”

No, this isn’t typically true. This belief stems from the mistaken idea that each spin is somehow connected to previous spins. Consider it like rolling dice: just because you rolled a six on one toss doesn’t influence the chances of rolling a six on the next. Each roll, like each spin, is independent and random. An exception arises with jackpots, where the probability of winning can actually increase as the jackpot grows.

Myth 2: “It’s Better to Stick to One Machine Than Switch”

No. Since each spin’s outcome is determined by a random number generator, sticking to one machine in hopes of influencing a win through sheer persistence isn’t effective. However, some machines may indeed have a higher overall payout rate.

Myth 3: “The Chances of Winning Vary with the Time of Day”

No. Again, each spin’s outcome is determined by a random number generator, unaffected by when you choose to play. Playing during off-peak hours doesn’t confer any advantage.

Myth 4: “I Have a System…”

No, no, and once more, no. Pokie machines are designed to provide a balanced mix of wins and losses. There’s no system that guarantees profits. If such a system existed, every casino would quickly go bankrupt.

Recommended Pokie Machines

While personal preference plays a significant role in game selection, it’s also possible to objectively compare Pokies based on specific criteria. The most straightforward and perhaps fairest way to do this is by considering the theoretical payback. Here are some games that score high in this regard, all from NetEnt, as they consistently disclose the theoretical payback for each game.

Please note that these games do not offer progressive jackpots. If you’re after the chance for substantial payouts, explore our article on progressive jackpot Pokies. While their expected payback rates are slightly lower, the potential winnings can be truly substantial when luck is on your side.

Popular Pokies with the Highest RTP:

  • Blood Suckers – 98%
  • Kings Of New York – 97.8%
  • Devil’s Delight – 97.6%
  • Simsalabim – 97.5%
  • Zombies – 97.2%
  • Jack Hammer 2 – 97.1%
  • Victorious – 96.9%

Common Game Rules for Pokies

Though not identical on every Pokie, the following buttons are found on most machines:

Coin Value: Select the value of each coin. Paylines: Choose how many paylines to bet on. Bet Level: Determine the number of coins to wager on each active payline. Max Bet: Activate play with the maximum bet in a single click. Paytable: View symbol combinations, special symbols, and additional features. Autospin: Automatically spin the reels a specified number of times.


To have a chance at winning, you must place a bet. Most Pokie machines offer flexibility in coin value, paylines, and bet level. You have the opportunity to adjust these three variables to suit your budget and mood. Keep in mind that larger bets lead to bigger potential wins. Maximum bets are often used for winning jackpots or progressive jackpots. However, it’s also quicker to deplete your funds with higher stakes, so finding a balanced approach is crucial. Some players prefer low-stakes play on numerous paylines, while others opt for higher bets on fewer lines.

When you’re ready, initiate the game by pressing the spin button. The reels will rotate in the hopes of landing a winning combination. The specific combinations that result in a win can be found in the Pokie machine’s paytable. The machine automatically checks your active paylines, so you don’t need to memorize the meaning of every symbol. However, being familiar with the game can enhance the excitement.

Many Pokie machines feature symbols with special significance. You can learn more about these in the next section on symbols and functions.

This concludes the first part of the text. Would you like me to continue with the remaining sections?