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In days gone by, utilizing card payments was a prevalent method for making transactions at online casinos. Though its popularity has waned somewhat in recent times, this payment option remains accessible at many casinos. Conducting an online card payment is straightforward and familiar to most. Seek out casinos accepting Visa & Mastercard.

About Casino Card Payments

Casino card payments involve using your debit or credit card for transactions. Unless an online casino operates on the Pay N Play concept, you can expect card payments to be a standard option. The norm at New Zealand casinos accommodating card payments is to accept VISA and MasterCard. Occasionally, you’ll find the option to use American Express for making casino card payments. Some New Zealand bookmakers even allow for simpler payment cards like VISA Electron and Maestro. “Card payments offer a secure and controlled way to manage your transactions.” These categories are pretty self-explanatory, but they help us find you the top Visa online casinos. Read on to find out who came out on top for each category.

Category Recommended casino
New casino BetMGM online casino
Live casino Harrah’s casino
Mobile casino SugarHouse casino
Real money casino Harrah’s casino
Slots casino SugarHouse casino
Blackjack casinos BetMGM online casino
Roulette casinos Harrah’s casino


Common Casino Card Payments at New Zealand Online Casinos:

  • Casinos accepting credit cards
  • Visa casinos
  • Online casinos with Mastercard
  • Play casino games with Revolut

Card Payments: Convenient and Practical

Currently, there’s an array of payment methods available at online casinos, many of them swift and straightforward, such as Trustly, which handles deposits and withdrawals securely and promptly. While all payment methods are accessible at New Zealand casinos for those who are confident, using a relatively new or unfamiliar method might seem daunting. Making online card payments is a practice most of us have been accustomed to for years, and we’re well-versed in the process. You select the card you wish to use, whether it’s a debit or credit card, and both options work seamlessly. The advantage of online card payments lies in the fact that if you encounter fraud, your bank will reimburse you. This policy applies regardless of whether you choose to engage in gaming activities.

Advantages of Card Payment:

  • Most people are at ease with making card payments online.
  • You have the freedom to choose which card to use.
  • You’re covered by your bank in case of fraud.

Disadvantages of Card Payments:

  • Withdrawals may take several days.
  • You need to have both card number and BankID on hand.
  • Charges may apply.

How We Evaluate Card Payments

For a reliable assessment of a payment method, it’s crucial for readers to understand the factors we consider in our rating process. Our assessment of card payments is based on the criteria outlined below, which are vital in discerning whether a casino with card deposits offers a favorable experience for online gaming.


Security and Background: Security takes precedence when it comes to online casinos, and it’s the initial aspect we scrutinize in evaluating a payment method. In our evaluation of card payments, we delve into the companies responsible for these transactions, examining their security protocols and background. We ascertain if they fall under the oversight of the New Zealand Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen) and if they are publicly listed entities. We also gauge the popularity and trustworthiness of card payments as a method used by many. Established payment methods often boast higher safety levels due to increased scrutiny and expectations. In assessing the security of card payments, we also explore the verification procedures associated with these transactions. This entails examining whether authentication is conducted through BankID, if additional security information is required, or if other secure verification methods are employed.


Functionality and User-Friendliness: For a payment method to earn a positive review, it must be straightforward and user-friendly. In our evaluation of card payments, we gauge the ease and efficiency of its use. We consider factors such as the number of steps involved, including any app downloads or registrations. We also investigate whether more than a mobile phone is needed, such as card details and the like. We explore the versatility of the payment method and whether it accommodates different types of cards. Additionally, we highlight both the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing card payments.


Availability at New Zealand Casinos: An integral aspect of our review involves assessing the prevalence of card payments at New Zealand casinos. We determine whether it’s effortless to locate casinos offering this payment method or if it’s a rarer option. We also gauge whether there’s a discernible trend in the decline of card payments, or if new casinos are emerging with this option.


Seamlessness of Deposits: Players today place great emphasis on the ease of using a payment method. Thus, we scrutinize how straightforward it is to employ card payments for making deposits at a casino. We evaluate the number of steps required to complete a card payment, the simplicity of verification, and the swiftness of the transaction. Our assessment also encompasses considerations regarding potential charges, as well as options for money withdrawal, including the ability to use both debit and credit cards.


Withdrawal Options and Processing Times: In addition to deposits, withdrawals are of paramount importance. Therefore, we investigate whether card payments are conducive to swift payouts by assessing withdrawal processing times. We provide insights into the safety of withdrawals, the verification process, and the ultimate destination of the funds.


lternative Payment Methods: To facilitate an informed choice of payment method, we also present a roster of alternative options. This allows for a comprehensive comparison with card payments to identify the most suitable option for individual preferences.

Using Card Payments at the Casino

Engaging in casino gaming with card payments is a straightforward process. If you’ve previously made online card payments, perhaps in an online store, the procedure is identical. The only distinction is that you’ll need to have an account with an online casino before initiating the payment.

Steps for Making a Casino Card Deposit:

  1. Register at a casino offering card payments.
  2. Log in to the casino and proceed to the deposits section.
  3. Select card payments and input the desired amount.
  4. Enter your card details and authenticate the payment using the card verification service (typically BankID).

The specific verification method may vary slightly based on the issuing bank of the card. The majority of banks employ BankID for authentication. However, you might receive a verification code via SMS, or utilize the card’s dedicated app. For example, Revolut features its own app for verification purposes. Transactions are then executed from the account linked to your debit card, much like making payments with services like Swish or Trustly.


Best Casinos for Card Payments: In the past, card payments were a staple across all casinos. However, this is no longer universally true today. Many casinos now exclusively offer methods like Trustly, Swish, or Zimpler. There is an observable decline in the use of casino cards. Nevertheless, as long as you opt for casinos that do not adopt the Pay N Play concept, card payments remain a prevalent choice. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the most esteemed, highly-rated, and widely favored casinos in New Zealand that facilitate payments through card.

  1. Videoslots – Boasts an extensive game selection.
  2. HighRoller – A deluxe casino with wager-free spins.
  3. Betsson Casino – A reputable bookmaker offering both casino games and betting.
  4. PAF – An Åland-based gaming company offering 99 free spins for new players.
  5. LeoVegas – A popular casino renowned for its outstanding mobile features.
  6. Hyper Casino – Offers a $1000 deposit bonus.
  7. William Hill – A historic bookmaker with an extensive track record.
  8. Dunder Casino – A modern casino distinguished by its stylish design.
  9. Turbo Vegas – Provides both Pay N Play and traditional play options.
  10. Mr. Vegas Casino – A favored casino with a generous welcome bonus.

Withdrawing with Cards at the Casino: The majority of online casinos that accept card payments also extend the option for withdrawals via the same method. However, there are exceptions, and there may be instances where card transactions are not viable for withdrawals. In such cases, alternative methods like bank transfers to the account linked to your card become necessary. Nonetheless, the outcome remains consistent, as withdrawals via card payments are channeled to the account associated with your card. For casinos operating under a New Zealand gaming license, you will have already completed the necessary BankID verification during the registration process, obviating the need for further verification prior to initiating withdrawals. So when it comes to deposit limits, it really depends on the type of Visa account you have. While Visa is one of the most popular and widely accepted payment methods for deposits in the NZ, it’s going to be hard to find a casino that accepts it as a withdrawal method.

Casinos Deposit time Deposit limit Withdrawal time Withdrawal limit
BetMGM casino Instant Depends on Visa card limits N/A N/A
PartyCasino Instant Depends on Visa card limits N/A N/A
Borgata casino Instant Depends on Visa card limits N/A N/A
SugarHouse casino Instant Depends on Visa card limits N/A N/A
Caesars casino Instant Depends on Visa card limits N/A N/A

How to choose the

Steps for Making Withdrawals at a Casino with Card Payments:

  1. Log in to the casino and navigate to the withdrawal page.
  2. Select your card, ensuring it matches the one used for your deposit.
  3. Verify that the card details are accurate and input the desired withdrawal amount.
  4. Authenticate the transaction using the card verification method.

Regrettably, card payments rarely facilitate swift withdrawals. Processing times can extend to up to five business days before funds are credited. It is important to note that this is not a reflection of the casino’s efficiency, but rather a result of the inherent delays within the banking system.


Playing Casino on Mobile with Card Payments: Playing at mobile casinos and utilizing card payments is entirely feasible. Whether directly through the mobile browser or a dedicated casino app, if available, most modern smartphones offer a secure means to store card details. This expedites the process of filling in card information, as it is already securely stored. Verification can typically be performed through mobile BankID. Payments linked to a card are supported at all casinos incorporating BankID verification.


Betting with Card Payments: Much like playing at a casino with card payments, betting is an analogous experience. The advantage lies in the fact that most bookmakers offering a combination of casino games and sports betting also facilitate card payments. There are few betting sites exclusively adopting the Pay N Play model. Playing with card payments at betting sites mirrors the process at online casinos.

Casino Sites Offering Betting and Card Payments:

  1. William Hill
  2. Unibet
  3. LeoVegas
  4. Expekt
  5. Bet365

Final Considerations: Using card payments at the casino may suit some players, but not all. The most crucial aspect in handling real money transactions is ensuring that the chosen payment method instills confidence and feels secure. Whether you opt for Visa casino payments, complete transactions with Mastercard at a casino, or favor a different bank card for deposits, ensure the casino bears a valid New Zealand gaming license. So long as you select a licensed casino offering card payments and have no qualms about potentially waiting a few extra days for withdrawals, casino gaming with cards is a reliable method. Faster options, such as Pay N Play casinos, are available for those seeking expedited deposit and withdrawal processes.


Alternative Payment Methods: While card payments are one among many payment options at online casinos today, their dominance has waned in favor of other methods. This is attributed to the potential delays in withdrawals, which can extend up to several days. Nonetheless, it remains a secure method known to many.

Other Payment Methods at Casinos:

  • Trustly
  • Swish
  • Bank Transfer
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Paysafecard
  • PayPal Casino
  • Apple Pay Casino
  • Zimpler
  • SIRU Mobile Casino

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FAQ Section:

Yes, utilizing card payments at online casinos is secure. All payment methods at New Zealand casinos adhere to stringent security measures. Additionally, you must complete a verification process using BankID, a code, app, or similar method, further enhancing security.

Most commonly, you can make payments with at least MasterCard and VISA. Often, you can also use Maestro and Visa Electron. While some casinos permit payments with American Express, this is less prevalent.

Yes, there may be fees associated with making deposits using cards. However, these charges are imposed by VISA or MasterCard, not the casino itself. Some casinos may absorb these fees on behalf of players. The fees, if applicable, typically amount to 2.5% of the deposit. Prior to making a deposit, it is advisable to confirm with the casino whether fees apply.

Unfortunately, withdrawals via card payments are seldom swift. It is common for withdrawals to take between 1-5 business days to process.

We strongly advise against gambling sites that offer casino Mastercard payments without a license, casinos with concealed card payment fees, or other casinos offering credit card payments without a valid New Zealand license. Always opt for online casinos with an authorized gaming license for enhanced player protection and to avoid hidden charges.

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