Casino with BankID

Casino with BankID offers safe and fast registration through the mobile BankID app without manual account registration at casino online. Choosing gambling sites with BankID is the safest choice for New Zealand players to get started with gambling. In addition, withdrawals with BankID are handled directly where payment to the bank account takes place within 5-15 minutes without additional fees.

How BankID works at casinos

BankID works primarily as a simple service for secure identification and login online casinos, and as such digital payment solution . With the help of the e-ID BankID at a casino on the internet, both deposits and withdrawals sent securely and directly to and from your bank account and into your gaming account. When BankID payment solution is linked to your bank account and internet banking, any winnings of casino money made in a casino can also be sent directly to you through your bank. Using BankID at the casino is free of charge. You choose one of the most best online casino in New Zealand you can safely choose to use the service of registration without an account that is available at over 120+ casinos in New Zealand. Of new casinos launched on the New Zealand gaming market, it is exclusively casino with BankID registration that is offered and used when you should log in for the first time.  

Use BankID at the casino to:

  • Account registration
  • Logins
  • Deposit
  • Socket


Casino Bank ID New Zealand

  • Number of casinos with BankID: 120 + with New Zealand license
  • Deposit:              Yes, right away
  • Socket: Within 5 min
  • Account registration:      Yes
  • Secure login:      Yes
  • Level of assurance (Loa):  3 according to DIGG

Fast & secure gaming at casino with mobile BankID

There are many casinos that use mobile Bankid and at New Zealand casino online, the simple service has become a matter of course to offer players in order to always provide the highest security of personal data when playing online. With digital identification through the service, it is possible to casino with New Zealand license create safe and secure game account registration and conduct faster transactions directly in mobile and get casinos with fast withdrawals . The big advantage of BankID is that players do not have to manually sign documents. Instead of $ vapor registration, users of mobile BankID payment solution can verify identity, deposit money and start casino games with personal code, facial recognition or fingerprint through their mobile phone.  

“New Zealand’s most popular and safest e-ID”


What is BankID?

BankID is a New Zealand e-ID and acts as a virtual identity document linked to your bank and birth number. With the electronic e-document, the method proves your identity when making purchases, contracts and transactions online, just like any ID card fixed via digital verification. BankID works both in mobile, tablet, as a downloadable app or directly via computer on file or card. The owner company behind Bank-id is Finansiell ID teknik BID AB, which developed and manages the service that was launched in 2010.  


Types of BankID:

  • Mobile
  • On cards.
  • On file.

Quality-assured E-identification

For all types of e-signing, there is a New Zealand Government Quality System issued by the DIGG (digital governance authority). DIGG reviews New Zealand e-credentials and then Issues Trust Level 2, 3 or 4 based on different protection classes, so-called confidence levels . DIGG’s confidence levels are called LoA (level of Assurance) based on the international standard ISO/IEC 29115, confidence levels according to eIDAS and European quality requirements for e-credentials in New Zealand. Since October 2022, BankID complies with the Trust Framework for New Zealand e-identification at Trust Level 3. BankID’s LoA (level of Assurance) 3 is the second highest level and only New Zealand passports have trust level 4 in New Zealand. DIGG security controls bl.A the information security and technical security of BankID so that no sensitive personal data about you is shared with others and your data is protected when you identify yourself with BankID at casino.  

Bank ID quality-assured New Zealand e-identification

New Zealand e-ID logo can now be seen together with BankID after the service has been quality assured  

Great trust among New Zealand BankID users

According to a report from New Zealandrna and the Internet, 9 out of 10 New Zealandr have the app installed on their mobile. A whopping 95% of all internet users in New Zealand over the age of 18 use mobile BankID. And 99% of users agree that they find it easy to use BankID to carry out banking transactions and send money with Swish and BankID. The New Zealand e-ID BankID has as primary mission to provide a secure and accessible online credential online. TODAY, survey from BankID shows that the app has an availability of 99.99% and is the most important app in New Zealand.  

9 out of 10 use mobile BankID in New Zealand

According to the Internet Foundation, 90% of New Zealanders using the app have high confidence among New Zealanders, both the report from them and BankID’s own surveys regarding the app’s Security show.  

Advantages of a casino with BankID

  • Icon Check Circle
  • Safest method of login & payment
  • Available at all New Zealand casinos
  • Helps you get quick withdrawals
  • Casino registration without an account
  • Approved by DIGG, agency for digital management


Disadvantages of a casino with BankID

No disadvantages of using BankID at casino  

How we rate Bank ID e-identification

In order for our BankID review to feel credible, we would also like to explain to you how we have made our review. We present which factors we have looked at when we have set our rating, which is important as the BankID is used to both handle personal data and send Real Money. The service is not a payment method in itself, but is an important method for verifying payments with more different payment services.  


Security and background Since security is the most important thing when playing at an online casino, it is one of the first factors we look at. We have therefore carefully examined the security of BankID by checking whether there are more players than casino online who use methods for verifications. The fact that, for example, banks and authorities also use the method usually indicates a high level of security and the company behind the product.   We have also examined whether the method is well known and has a high level of trust among New Zealandr, as well as whether it is a well-established verification method among New Zealandr. An important security aspect we have also considered is how the verification itself is done. That is, whether you need to enter a code, or you can use facial recognition or fingerprint.  


Function and use In order for a method to get a good review, it is also important that it is smooth and easy for players to use. In this category, we have therefore tested whether there are many extra steps to get started with verifying with BankID, and whether it is easy to understand how to use the verification method. We have also checked on which devices you can use BankID from, whether it is$even mobile or whether it is also possible to verify yourself from a computer.  


Payment methods at New Zealand casinos compatible with BankID Since BankID is used to verify itself at New Zealand casinos, we have looked at which payment methods are also compatible with BankID. This also becomes an assessment of the agility of users, since the fewer verification methods such as$are used, the easier it is to play. Some casinos have chosen to facilitate players by allowing them to verify their identity and deposits at the same time with BankID. We have reviewed and found out how many casinos there are in New Zealand that provide this opportunity.  


Deposits and withdrawals with BankID We have examined how quickly it is possible to verify yourself with BankID when making transactions. If it is a verification method that helps you get direct withdrawals or if it is a method that needs to be manually checked.  


Faster withdrawals with casino mobile BankID Why choose casino bank ID? If you have the choice to choose BankID as a login method at an online casino, when identifying you as a player or when depositing together with a payment method, we recommend that you always do so to get the best and safest gaming experience.   By selecting a casino with Bank ID with casino New Zealand license, you can ensure that the casino is a tax free casinos in New Zealand and relates to The New Zealand laws New Zealand has regarding online gambling.  

BankID will suit you who want to experience:

Secure registration ✔

Quick login ✔

Direct deposit ✔

Quick withdrawals ✔


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that there are some casino BankID without a game break, which are not licensed in New Zealand and we advise all players to deposit money in these casinos as there are risks of playing in casinos without a New Zealand license . The BankID method itself is always safe to use, but it can be risky to play casino without BankID and verification.  

“Secure and fast identification against online casinos directly in the mobile”

Instant deposit and faster withdrawals

Why the method of registering with BankID at online casinos is becoming increasingly common is partly because the New Zealand gambling market is experiencing it as the digital development is hardly about to slow down. But also because it is a verification method that several New Zealandr feel safe with.   Transfers of money using BankID are carried out directly if it is combined with Pay N Play . This applies to both deposits as well as withdrawals with BankID at casinos.  

Better protection and increased security

BankID protects you as a player against various types of online fraud. The BankID service is primarily used by those who want to be protected from online fraud. Just like in your online banking, your personal data at a casino with BankID is protected.  

Play responsibly

Playing at a BankID casino means that you get enhanced game protection with a reliable method, where no physical id documents or personal data are stored. Responsible gaming at casino is not only about preventing gambling abuse, but also that you as a player should be able to feel safe and able play responsibly at the casino with safe methods.  

Simple registration method for casino games

At any online casino BankID where you can play without having to register a personal gaming account manually, it goes away. You often talk about gambling sites with BankID as casinos with deposit and registration without$anxiety. Casino with simple account registration is the basic concept in the quick registration at casino with BankID that takes less than a minute.  

Casino without Account and BankID

Playing at casino BankID without registration does not mean that you can fully play casino without Account and registration . However, the process is shortened considerably when your account is registered. This means that you do not have to use a username to access your account. Instead, BankID is your tool to access your account easily and quickly.  

Direct Login with BankID at online casino

There is no $ vaporous process to getting started with gambling with BankID. Then all of New Zealand netcasino offering verification with BankID, it is also not difficult to find a suitable online casino BankID with login.   At casinos with BankID, you as a new player do not have to fill in things like name, address and contact details manually when you log in to the casino for the first time. You also don’t have to put things like username and password on memory. The next time you want to access your game account, you can log in directly with BankID.   Login to the casino with BankID is easy and you can access the casino games without an account and play among the best casino games direct and fast.

  • Casino BankID login:
  • Visit a BankID casino.
  • Click “login”.
  • Identify yourself with BankID.
  • You are now logged in.



The deposit process has been shortened considerably thanks to the fact that casinos offer BankID. What you need to do to get started with a game is to make a deposit at your casino. Start by selecting an amount to play for, verify and approve the deposit via your BankID app or via computer. Then you are up and running and can start a casino game. Somewhere in the process you need to specify which bank you have. A free casino account is created automatically after you have approved the money to be withdrawn from your bank account.  

How to make a deposit with BankID at casino:

  • Find a casino with BankID
  • Enter the amount of deposit
  • Select the payment method.
  • Approve the deposit.
  • Start games.
  • Start a running game with no deposit

If you only want to access your account again after you have already started a game, you skip the step of making a deposit and only verify yourself via BankID against your casino. You can then pick up games and access your game account at your no deposit casino .  

Guide: play with BankID

Since BankID works in the same way as if you make any other online payment or verification, the differences are actually quite small. See the guide below and see how to get started with a game in a few steps online casinos in a secure manner where your data is protected through the service.  


first step find BankID casino   Step 1 . Find an online casino you want to try out in our top list of casinos with BankID. You can click through directly to any BankID casino. However, a tip is to read through a few reviews before deciding on BankID casino to make sure you end up at the best casino for you.  


Second step when depositing money at BankID casino   Step 2: Enter the amount you want to play for. Most casinos have a minimum deposit amount and do not allow you to make deposits of lower amounts. To receive the bonus, you can make a first deposit of a higher amount than the casino allows as the minimum deposit to take advantage of a BankID bonus.  


hird step when depositing at BankID casinoStep 3: Verify your deposit via BankID. You can use mobile BankID or approve your casino deposit via computer or tablet. Follow the steps shown in your BankID app on your mobile phone, approve with facial recognition or via your personal code.  


Fourth step in the guide to playing at BankID casinosStep 4 . You have now deposited money into your casino account using BankID and can start a game after setting your deposit limits. You set what the maximum ceiling should be for deposits per day, week and month. This can then not be exceeded, which helps to keep gambling at a responsible level.   For those who play in casino with BankID, it is important that you always, despite knowing that the casino has a New Zealand license, that you read through the text that appears in the BankID app or on your screen before you complete your electronic signature and approve your deposit.



Combine with the most common payment methods

You can use BankID along with the All New Zealand casino payment methods and this way you can conduct safe transactions. Whether you choose Swish, credit card, or Apple Pay, verify your purchase through the app.   The most common payment method at online casinos is called Trustly . One of the great advantages of this method is that it can significantly shorten the withdrawal Times of winnings for players, and payouts can be made directly to you as a player. Instant payout Casino is something many players demand in the choice of finding the right casino, which BankID use at casinos can help with.  

Casinos with BankID and Swish

For those of you who are used to the mobile service Swish will be able to continue to pay with Swish at the casino if you choose to start playing at a BankID casino. Casino BankID Swish always offers fast deposit and when you withdraw from a casino with Swish you will always be able to make casino withdrawals using mobile BankID.   Casino with BankID and Swish is a secure combination of e-identification and payment method for new customers at online casinos and is offered at several New Zealand low deposit casino . By choosing to use BankID, you can make deposits with several casino games with Swish from $ 50, sometimes as low as$ 25 deposit.   Swish and BankID are a popular method at casinos. Casinos that offer both deposit and withdraw with Swish can pay out wins within just a couple of minutes .  

Payments with BankID

Log in to casinos with BankID and get fast withdrawals in 5 minutes It’s not just the quick deposit that goes at a fast pace when you choose to start playing at casinos with BankID. One of the great advantages of just casino BankID is the speed of withdrawals. Casinos with BankID$do not allow you to share sensitive personal data and thus shorten the journey from registration to withdrawal.   From the time you request a withdrawal from the casino in question, it usually takes no more than five minutes before you have your money in the account, which counts as fast casino withdrawals .   Just like when depositing with BankID, you agree to the amount you want to withdraw when it is time to withdraw money, and then your money is paid out to the bank account to which you linked your BankID or choose at the casino.   Request a withdrawal with your BankID at the casino: Log in with BankID at your casino Visit the withdrawal page / your gaming account. Select the amount for withdrawal. Approve the amount. Your withdrawal will be paid out within 5 min. Payment methods that provide the fastest withdrawal with BankID Withdrawals with BankID are one of the absolute best tools for those who both want to be able to see real money transferred within a few minutes to a bank account and at the same time feel safe.  

Payment method  / Withdrawal time / Trustly  

  • Direct – 5 min
  • Swish     Direct – 5 min
  • British   Direct – 5 min
  • PayPal   within 24 hours
  • Neteller               within 24 hours
  • Skrill      within 24 hours
  • Zimpler 5 min – 24 hours


Do you need to verify yourself at online casino with BankID prior to withdrawal? This is one of the most common questions regarding online casino BankID and the short answer is no.   At casinos with BankID, you usually do not need to verify yourself more times than at your first login and deposit in order to make a withdrawal.   In very rare cases, however, you may be asked to submit a copy of an identification document to your online casino on your first withdrawal of winnings. Or that you need to use BankID one more time to secure your identity again. This should still not be necessary when I entered my identity by playing with BankID, you think. However, why a casino may ask you for additional verification may partly depend on the casino’s rules regarding withdrawals over a certain limit. But it can also occur if you mix payment methods.   For example, would you make a deposit with a Paysafe card or if you have used the payment method Apple Pay casino so you need to switch to Trustly or another payment service and when you want to withdraw your money and winnings, which can drag out the withdrawal process. There are certain casino payment methods that only work for deposits, but not for withdrawals.   The recommendation at the casino is that you stick to one and the same payment method for both deposits and withdrawals and do not make a withdrawal that exceeds the casino’s maximum limit, so you can get the fastest payouts of winnings via BankID directly.  

Pay N Play With BankID

Nowadays, everyone offers New Zealand online casinos BankID for verification in what is often called casino without registration , but also when verifying casino payment methods. With many new casinos appearing online in New Zealand, casinos have completely abolished the usual registration process and instead focused on what is called Pay N Play in order for New Zealand players to be offered safer and safer games at casinos. At casinos with BankID, the casino has made sure that the registration process is shorter and smoother for all players who choose to become members and register for games via just pay n Play.   However, this does not mean that you are not registered at the casino as a player. Instead, the registration of the gaming account is done completely automatically when you make your first deposit to the casino using the casino with mobile BankID in combination with the easy and free payment method Trustly Pay N Play .   Here, in fact, both Swish and Pay N Play are good alternatives where both methods are very popular casino payment methods for those who intend to play casino.  

New Zealand casino

Today you are offered to log in with BankID at all casinos with New Zealand license. This means that you have over 200 casino BankID to choose from.   Voodoo Dreams , NYspins and Faster are some of the several hundred New Zealand casinos with BankID that are available on the New Zealand gaming market and that have a New Zealand gaming license. They are all very popular gaming companies among New Zealand players and are also tax-free casinos.   All these New Zealand casinos are casinos with direct registration of the game account for new customers. All that$is spent is that you verify yourself with BankID via the app to get started.  

Play mobile casino with bankid

Jalla casino Before you start playing Jalla casino you need to log in with BankID. Since Jalla is also a casino with Swish, you will just as with normal payment via Swish use your mobile BankID to be able to make a deposit at Jalla.   Paf Another new casino is Paf casino . Paf has a New Zealand gaming license and offers a large selection of games. In addition, you will be able to make both quick deposits with Paf with BankID along with several different payment methods. The payment method we recommend is to use Swish.   When using Swish as the primary payment method at Paf together with your BankID, you will also be able to make withdrawals with Swish if you win. Paf is one of the excellent choices for those looking for casino BankID fast withdrawals. Expect payment within 10 minutes.   Duelz casino Of Duelz casino offered registration without $ Angel. You can easily get started with casino BankID. Both deposit and withdrawal must be verified with the method and players are also offered to make casino withdrawals with BankID. Duelz offers withdrawals with Swish that are handled immediately.   Maria casino When depositing with Maria casino both bonuses, lots of games and fast withdrawals are expected for those who choose to log in with BankID and create an account at the online casino. Maria casino   Leo Vegas Leo Vegas is a New Zealand casino with Swish and BankID that has been around for a long time. Here, several payment methods are offered together with the service. The games are many and casino withdrawals are handled and paid out quickly for those who have the payment solution at hand.   Faster casino Online casinos such as Snbbare casino there are not many of them. It goes at high speed here and you will easily get started with both BankID registration without$anxiety and games. The casino offers bonuses, good wagering requirements and pays out casino winnings quickly after a requested casino withdrawal. Players are offered games in both traditional casino gaming, live casino and online betting.   Betsson casino Unibet is not just a gambling site with BankID that allows you to get started with registration without$anxiety. You will also be able to make casino withdrawals at a fast pace and get access to both casino games, live casino and odds. In the casino, new players with BankID can get started with games and log in directly in the mobile and make Deposits via the Swish and BankID app together   Lucky Casino At this New Zealand casino there are both classic casino, live casino and sports. Lucky casino is also one of the few New Zealand BankID casinos with bonuses that are somewhat odd. New players can get real money back in case of a loss. So it is not any traditional casino bonus offered.  

Best gambling site with BankID

Gambling sites with BankID can refer to two types of genre of games. Either online casinos or the betting sites with odds that offer BankID. We list sites that offer both casino games and odds on the same platform as bookmakers today sell only one type of game form.   The Best Casino with BankID has long been GoGo casino . GoGo has a state-of-the-art casino, which has topped the lists for a long time of the Best Casino in New Zealand with BankID casino payment method. The list of the very best BankID casino can really be made long. If you take a look at the top list at the top of the page, you get daily information about the best casinos with BankID or visit our page with netcasino . One betting site that is popular in New Zealand is the new betting site Betinia .  

Betting sites with BankID 2024:

  • Betinia
  • Betsson
  • Expekt
  • Casumo
  • Unibet
  • Betsafe
  • Faster
  • Smarkets
  • PAF
  • Lucky Casino
  • Comeon
  • No Account bet
  • Hajper

New online casino with BankID

Since BankID at casino is a commodity and some New Zealand casinos also withdraw from The New Zealand licensing system or choose to close down the sid page, we recommend you to look in the leaderboard to get the latest ranking on new casinos and Best BankID casino.  

  • Nyste casino with mobile BankID:
  • Lucky days-new casino with bonus
  • Ninja Casino-good ratings and great game selection.
  • Dunder-Pay N play with delicious game design.
  • GoGo Casino-fastest casino withdrawals & 24/7 support
  • Mr Vegas-Casino with 3000 games & free spins bonus
  • Pixelbet-online casino combined with e-sports & bonuses
  • Slingo casino-Casino without wagering & Pay N Play
  • Duelz casino – low deposits & exciting game concept with duels
  • Chanz-100% bonus, free withdrawals & no tax
  • Race Casino – pay N Play, New Zealand license and fast withdrawals

Casino bonuses with BankID

When you look at the bonus offers available at casinos with simple registration, you see in many cases that it may look a little different compared to the previously operating gaming sites. Sure you can play with both casino bonuses and online casino games on several of these, but in many cases it can be a single welcome bonus that matches your very first deposit up to 100% or 200% bonus.   The traditional “promotion” page is something many casino BankID have also chosen to remove, to instead offer a simpler structure with a welcome bonus or a cashback offer per player. However, the latter bonus is more common with gambling sites with live betting and odds.   A casino equipped with BankID offers a secure and expedited registration process through the mobile BankID app, eliminating the need for manual account creation on online casinos. Opting for gambling sites integrated with BankID proves to be the safest choice for New Zealand players venturing into the world of online gaming. Furthermore, withdrawals with BankID are seamlessly processed, with funds transferred to your bank account within 5-15 minutes, and no additional fees incurred. Understanding BankID at Casinos: BankID primarily functions as a streamlined service for secure online identification and login at casinos, acting as a digital payment solution. With BankID e-ID enabled at an online casino, both deposits and withdrawals are securely and directly facilitated between your bank account and gaming account. Once BankID is linked to your bank account and internet banking, any winnings accrued in the casino can also be promptly transferred to you through your bank. Utilizing BankID at a casino comes at no cost. You have the option to select from over 120 top-notch online casinos in New Zealand, all of which offer the convenience of registration without the need for a separate account. Among the new casinos entering the New Zealand gaming market, those with BankID registration are the exclusive choice for initial logins.

Key Benefits of Using BankID at a Casino:

  • Swift Account Registration
  • Hassle-Free Logins
  • Effortless Deposits
  • Expedited Withdrawals
  • Enhanced Security

BankID: Your Trusted E-ID Companion: BankID serves as a virtual identity document tethered to your bank and birth number, enabling secure verification for purchases, contracts, and online transactions. This electronic identification method is compatible with mobile devices, tablets, as a downloadable app, or can be accessed directly on a computer through a file or card. BankID is managed by Finansiell ID teknik BID AB, the company behind the service, which was introduced in 2010.

Different Forms of BankID:

  • Mobile
  • Card-Based
  • File-Based

Quality-Assured E-Identification: For all forms of e-signing, the Digital Governance Authority (DIGG) administers a New Zealand Government Quality System. DIGG assesses New Zealand e-credentials and issues Trust Levels (LoA) ranging from 2 to 4, based on varying degrees of protection. BankID’s LoA 3, achieved in October 2022, is the second-highest level, with New Zealand passports holding trust level 4. DIGG conducts thorough security checks on BankID, ensuring that no sensitive personal data is shared and that your information remains protected during the identification process at a casino. High Trust Among BankID Users: According to reports, 9 out of 10 New Zealanders have the BankID app installed on their mobile devices. An impressive 95% of all internet users in New Zealand over the age of 18 utilize mobile BankID. Additionally, 99% of users find it easy to perform banking transactions and money transfers with Swish and BankID. BankID holds a position of great trust among New Zealanders, supported by both external reports and its own surveys.

Advantages of Opting for a Casino with BankID:

  • Safest Login and Payment Method
  • Available at All New Zealand Casinos
  • Facilitates Quick Withdrawals
  • Allows for Casino Registration Without a Separate Account
  • Approved by DIGG, the Agency for Digital Management

We Evaluate BankID E-Identification: To maintain credibility in our BankID review, we’d like to provide insight into our evaluation process. We’ll outline the factors considered when assigning our rating, as BankID is pivotal in handling personal data and enabling real money transactions. It’s essential to note that while BankID is not a payment method itself, it plays a critical role in verifying payments with various payment services. Security and Background: Given that security is paramount when engaging with online casinos, it is one of our initial areas of assessment. We thoroughly examine BankID’s security by investigating its prevalence among online casinos and whether it’s used by players for verifications. The fact that banks and authorities also utilize this method serves as an indicator of its high level of security. We also assess BankID’s reputation and trustworthiness among New Zealanders, as well as its established status as a verification method. Additionally, we scrutinize the verification process itself, determining whether it requires entering a code, or if options like facial recognition or fingerprint recognition are available. Functionality and Usability: For a method to earn a positive review, it must be user-friendly and seamless. In this category, we evaluate whether there are any unnecessary hurdles to initiating verification with BankID, and assess how intuitive it is to use the verification method. We also consider which devices support BankID, determining whether it’s exclusive to mobile or accessible for verification on a computer. Compatibility of Payment Methods at New Zealand Casinos with BankID: Since BankID is essential for verifying oneself at New Zealand casinos, we investigate which payment methods align with BankID. This assessment also reflects user convenience, as fewer verification methods simplify the gaming experience. Some casinos offer the convenience of verifying identity and making deposits simultaneously with BankID. We investigate and ascertain how many casinos in New Zealand provide this option. Deposits and Withdrawals with BankID: We examine the speed at which BankID facilitates verification during transactions. We assess whether it enables immediate withdrawals or necessitates manual confirmation. Opt for BankID for an Enhanced Gaming Experience: When given the choice, we recommend selecting BankID as your preferred login method at online casinos for player identification, deposits, and payment method verification. By choosing a casino equipped with BankID and holding a New Zealand license, you can rest assured that the casino adheres to New Zealand’s tax laws governing online gambling. BankID offers you:

  • Secure Registration
  • Swift Login
  • Direct Deposits
  • Expedited Withdrawals

We advise caution when dealing with casino BankIDs that lack a game break and lack a New Zealand license. It’s essential to be aware of the risks associated with playing in casinos without proper licensing. While the BankID method itself is inherently safe, engaging in casino play without BankID and verification can pose risks.

“Secure and rapid identification for online casinos, directly from your mobile device.”

Instant Deposits and Swift Withdrawals: The growing popularity of registering with BankID at online casinos can be attributed, in part, to the relentless pace of digital evolution in the New Zealand gambling market. Additionally, it’s a verification method that instills confidence in many New Zealanders. Transfers of funds via BankID occur instantly, especially when combined with Pay N Play. This applies to both deposits and withdrawals at casinos facilitated by BankID. Enhanced Protection and Heightened Security: BankID shields players from various forms of online fraud, serving as a primary tool for those seeking protection from such threats. Much like the security measures in your online banking, your personal data is safeguarded at a BankID-equipped casino. Play Responsibly: Opting for a BankID casino means you benefit from enhanced game protection through a reliable method that doesn’t store physical ID documents or personal data. Responsible gaming at a casino isn’t just about preventing gambling addiction; it’s also about providing a safe and secure environment for players. Streamlined Registration for Casino Games: At any BankID-enabled online casino, the process of playing without manually registering a personal gaming account is streamlined. This is often referred to as depositing and registering without hassle at gambling sites with BankID. Casinos offering straightforward account registration prioritize quick, one-minute processes. Playing at a Casino Without an Account and With BankID: Playing at a casino with BankID without registration doesn’t mean you can bypass the account and registration process entirely. However, the process is significantly expedited when your account is registered. This means you won’t need a separate username to access your account. Instead, BankID provides seamless access. Direct Login with BankID at Online Casinos: Getting started with gambling through BankID doesn’t involve a convoluted process. All New Zealand online casinos offering BankID verification also make it easy to find a suitable online casino with BankID login. At casinos with BankID, new players aren’t required to manually input details like name, address, and contact information during their initial login. There’s no need to remember a username and password either. When you want to access your gaming account again, simply log in directly with BankID. Logging into the casino with BankID is straightforward, allowing you to access a wide selection of top-tier casino games without the need for a separate account. Casino BankID Login:

  1. Visit a BankID casino.
  2. Click “login”.
  3. Identify yourself with BankID.
  4. You are now logged in.

Deposits and Withdrawals Guide for Casino Games: Deposits: Thanks to the integration of BankID, the deposit process has been significantly streamlined at casinos. To kickstart your gaming session, you’ll need to make a deposit at your chosen casino. Select an amount to play with, then verify and approve the deposit using your BankID app or computer. Once completed, you’re ready to begin playing. At some point in the process, you’ll need to specify your bank. A casino account is automatically generated after authorizing the transfer from your bank account. Making a Deposit with BankID at a Casino:

  1. Locate a Casino Supporting BankID: Find a casino that offers the BankID option for seamless transactions.
  2. Enter the Desired Deposit Amount: Specify the amount you wish to deposit into your casino account.
  3. Select the Preferred Payment Method: Choose the payment method you’d like to use for the transaction.
  4. Authorize the Deposit: Confirm and approve the deposit to complete the transaction.
  5. Commence Playing: Start enjoying your chosen games with the deposited funds.


Initiating a Game Without an Initial Deposit: If you wish to access your account after initiating a game without making a deposit, simply log in using your BankID credentials. This skips the deposit step, allowing you to resume your gaming session and access your account at the no-deposit casino.


Guide to Playing with BankID: BankID functions similarly to any other online payment or verification method. The process is straightforward, ensuring secure gameplay while safeguarding your personal data through the service. Follow these steps:


Step 1: Find a BankID Casino: Explore our top list of casinos supporting BankID and choose one that suits your preferences. Consider reading reviews to select the best casino for you.


Step 2: Depositing at a BankID Casino: Enter the desired amount for gameplay. Note that most casinos have a minimum deposit requirement. To avail bonuses, consider depositing an amount higher than the minimum required.


Step 3: Verifying Your Deposit with BankID: Utilize your mobile BankID or authorize the deposit through your computer or tablet. Follow the prompts in your BankID app, either through facial recognition or entering your personal code.


Step 4: Commence Gameplay: With the successful deposit via BankID, you’re now ready to start playing. Set deposit limits to ensure responsible gambling. For players using BankID at a casino, it’s crucial to carefully review the information displayed in the BankID app or on-screen before completing your electronic signature and approving the deposit.


Utilizing Common Payment Methods in Tandem with BankID: Pair BankID with various popular payment methods like Swish, credit cards, or Apple Pay to conduct secure transactions. Trustly, a widely used payment method at online casinos, offers quick withdrawal times, allowing for direct payouts to players.


BankID and Swish at Casinos: Players familiar with the mobile service Swish can continue using it at BankID casinos. This combination provides a secure method for e-identification and payments for new customers at online casinos, especially at low deposit casinos in New Zealand.


Swish and BankID for Swift Transactions: Casinos offering both deposit and withdrawal options with Swish and BankID can facilitate payouts in just a matter of minutes.


Withdrawals with BankID: One of the notable advantages of using BankID at casinos is the speed of withdrawals. Requests for withdrawals are typically processed within five minutes, providing a fast and secure method for transferring real money to your bank account.


Recommended Payment Methods for Fast Withdrawals with BankID:

  • Trustly: Direct – 5 minutes
  • Swish: Direct – 5 minutes
  • British: Direct – 5 minutes
  • PayPal: Within 24 hours
  • Neteller: Within 24 hours
  • Skrill: Within 24 hours
  • Zimpler: 5 minutes to 24 hours

Verification Process at BankID Casinos: At casinos with BankID, additional verification beyond your initial login and deposit is typically not required for withdrawals. In rare cases, you may be asked for further verification, such as providing identification documents.


Pay N Play with BankID: Many New Zealand online casinos now offer Pay N Play, simplifying the registration process for players. This innovative approach streamlines account creation, ensuring a safer and more secure gaming experience.


New Online Casinos with BankID: Stay updated with the latest rankings and discover new casinos offering BankID for secure and convenient gameplay.


Popular New Zealand Casinos with Mobile BankID:

  • Lucky Days
  • Ninja Casino
  • Dunder
  • GoGo Casino
  • Mr. Vegas
  • Pixelbet
  • Slingo Casino
  • Duelz Casino
  • Chanz
  • Race Casino

Best Gambling Sites with BankID: These sites provide a seamless gaming experience, combining both casino games and odds for a comprehensive gaming platform.

  • GoGo Casino
  • Nyste Casino
  • Dunder
  • Mr. Vegas
  • Pixelbet
  • Slingo Casino
  • Duelz Casino
  • Chanz
  • Race Casino

Remember to always gamble responsibly and enjoy your gaming experience! Top BankID Casinos with Exclusive Bonuses in 2023 Discover the finest selection of BankID casinos in 2023, each offering unique bonuses to enhance your gaming experience.

Casino Bonus Offer
Videoslots 100% up to $2000 in welcome bonus with BankID.
Expekt $1500 and 30 Free Spins upon deposit.
Spinlovers $2000 and 40 free spins when depositing via BankID
Mr Vegas 100% bonus up to $2000 with BankID casino.
Winward Casino $3000 bonus with BankID login
Paf Casino 99 free spins when depositing with BankID
Dunder Casino Up to $2000 on first BankID deposit
Pixelbet Bonus round $1500 when registering an account
Playojo Log in with BankID & get 100 wagering free spins
Leo Vegas Bonus without turnover upon registration.

Experience Seamless Gaming with Mobile BankID Playing at a casino with Mobile BankID revolutionizes the gaming experience, providing an extra layer of security. With Mobile BankID, the casino can easily recognize you, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable gaming experience. The risk of identity theft is significantly reduced. Always log in with BankID for a secure gaming experience. Furthermore, New Zealand regulations now mandate casino players to log in with BankID, making it the only option. Therefore, it is essential to have access to BankID when logging in to New Zealand mobile casinos or online casinos. Rising Popularity of BankID for Casino Logins The trend of playing at casinos with BankID is on the rise, and for good reason. It offers a smoother and more secure method of payment on mobile platforms. Mobile versions of BankID are readily available, seamlessly integrating with online casinos. This extends not only to casino games but also to various payment methods, ensuring a seamless experience when using BankID. Secure Your Mobile Banking Experience with BankID To ensure a safe gaming experience, follow these key steps when using Mobile BankID:

  1. Never share your BankID with anyone else.
  2. Read all text carefully before verifying yourself in the app.
  3. Activate notifications in the app to keep track of your BankID history.
  4. Use QR code scanning for safer identification on tablets or mobile devices.
  5. Enable location information in the app to reduce the risk of fraud. This information is only shared when the app is in use.
  6. Enable FaceID or fingerprint recognition to eliminate the need for a numeric code, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

BankID and New Zealand Banks BankID was introduced in New Zealand in 2003 by Skandiabanken, followed by Nordea, Handelsbanken, SEB, Swedbank, and Danske Bank. Today, a wide array of banks offer BankID as a downloadable file, a BankID card, or a free app for tablets and mobile devices. Notable New Zealand Banks with BankID:

  • Danske Bank
  • Forex Bank
  • Commercial banks
  • Ica Bank
  • County insurance
  • Nordea
  • SEB
  • Skandia
  • Sparbanken South
  • Swedbank
  • Ålandsbanken Review of BankID Casinos

Our review and ratings for BankID services reflect the exceptional benefits it offers. Utilizing BankID for casino play provides a straightforward means of identification, account creation, and secure deposits. BankID also streamlines withdrawals, ensuring prompt payouts without the need for additional verification. The simplified payment process, which accepts all New Zealand payment methods securely, has contributed to the popularity of BankID in online casinos. Its convenience and security make it a standout method for online casino services. In Summary For players seeking a swift and hassle-free registration process at online casinos, BankID casinos are the ideal solution. Additionally, if you’ve faced delays when cashing in on your casino winnings, BankID casinos provide a seamless experience. BankID eliminates the need for submitting identification documents during your first withdrawal. Furthermore, BankID prevents an influx of emails and SMS notifications about exclusive offers and casino bonuses, which may be viewed as both an advantage and a disadvantage, depending on your preferences. If you prefer not to receive promotional emails from your casino, BankID provides an excellent solution. Ultimately, BankID is a secure and efficient method for transferring funds to and from your gaming account. While other digital credentials exist in New Zealand, none rival the seamless experience provided by BankID. While some Freja Eid casinos may emerge in the future, BankID remains the preferred choice for secure online gaming.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Casinos with BankID

Yes, playing at a gaming site with BankID that has a New Zealand gaming license ensures secure registration and login, with your personal data kept confidential.

No, not all casinos offer BankID. Only casinos with a New Zealand license provide BankID for secure login and registration.

Registering an account with BankID is a straightforward process. Simply complete your registration, click on ‘deposit,’ and verify your payment and identity during your first deposit.

No, all licensed New Zealand online casinos require some form of verification for registration, depositing, and withdrawals. BankID is an integral part of this process.

The best casino with BankID can be found at the top of the monthly leaderboard. It features a selection of both new and established casinos offering secure e-identification.

No, Freja eID is not equivalent to BankID. If you want to securely identify yourself at an online casino, BankID is the recommended choice.

Yes, Mobile BankID is the safest option for online casino play. Your personal information is stored securely within BankID, and it is not shared with any gambling sites.

Withdrawals at BankID casinos are processed immediately, with most players receiving their payouts within a few minutes.

No, all online casinos targeting New Zealand players must have a New Zealand license and offer secure methods for player verification and registration, which includes BankID.

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