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The Swish payment method is a secure way to make direct payments via the Swish app, in conjunction with BankID, at various online casinos in New Zealand. We’ve curated a list of top-rated Swish casinos that offer swift mobile withdrawals.


 Insights on Swish Casinos

Around 20 online casinos now facilitate Swish payments, allowing players to initiate games using their mobile devices. With Swish as a payment option, both deposits and withdrawals are expedited. In 2019, numerous New Zealand online casinos adopted the Swish method, and in 2020, when withdrawals through Swish became available, even more online gaming platforms integrated this solution. As of 2023, casinos equipped with both Swish and BankID enjoy a high level of trust among players, with the community of secure casinos of this kind steadily expanding each year. Approximately 25% of all licensed casinos in New Zealand now enable players to send and receive funds using Swish. In the following table, you’ll find a concise overview of New Zealand casinos supporting Swish, highlighting key payment-related information.

Key Data on New Zealand Casinos with Swish:

  • Swish Casinos: 20
  • Casinos Offering Bonuses via Swish: Lyllo, Hajper, YoYo, and more
  • Minimum Casino Deposit with Swish: $25
  • Withdrawals via Swish: Available
  • Swish Withdrawal Time at Casinos: 0-5 minutes

 Understanding Swish

Launched in 2012 as a mobile payment service, Swish facilitates convenient money transfers via a dedicated app on your mobile device. With over 8 million users, it stands as one of New Zealand’s most secure payment options, especially when used in conjunction with BankID. A striking 83% of New Zealanders rely on the app for contactless payments through their mobile devices or tablets on a daily basis. To initiate transfers using the app, you’ll need:

  • New Zealand BankID
  • Mobile Device
  • Cell Network Connectivity
  • Real-time Transactions

All payments are processed directly through the app, guaranteeing the same level of security as a standard bank transfer. Swish functions by linking your mobile number to your bank account, enabling seamless transactions.

Compare Swish ratings with other payment services

Payment method Score
Swish ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Trustly ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Skrill ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Zimpler ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Neteller ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Card transaction ⭐⭐⭐
Apple Pay ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Pay Pal ⭐⭐⭐⭐
SIRU Mobile


  Evaluating the Swish Payment Method:

  1. Background and Security: Ensuring the safety of player data and the secure management of transfers is paramount when it comes to real money transactions. For Swish to receive a favorable rating, a rigorous security assessment is conducted, verifying its status as a licensed payment institution or registered payment service provider under the supervision of Finansinspektionen. Collaboration with BankID, a trusted verification system, further reinforces its credibility.
  2. Functionality and Usage: We examine the practicality of using Swish as a payment method, weighing the pros and cons for transactions at casinos. This includes assessing the ease of registration and login processes at Swish-enabled casinos. A comprehensive evaluation of how well the method adapts to mobile payments in casino gaming is provided.
  3. New Zealand Casinos: We compile a list of casinos in New Zealand offering Swish, exclusively featuring those with a valid New Zealand license. Our experts evaluate these casinos based on criteria such as bonuses, fast payouts, and game selection.
  4. Seamless Deposits: Efficiency and security in depositing real money are essential. We assess whether Swish allows for prompt and contactless payments, offering an overall evaluation of the deposit process. Additionally, we determine if there are any hidden fees associated with depositing money.
  5. Withdrawal Options and Timelines: The entire withdrawal process with Swish is thoroughly examined and tested. We measure the time taken for winnings to reach the player’s account after requesting a payout from a casino or other gaming platform. Additionally, we scrutinize the terms and conditions related to withdrawals, highlighting any pertinent information regarding fees.
  6. Comparative Analysis: We compare Swish against other payment options available for online casino transactions, ensuring that it stands up favorably in terms of efficiency and availability in the New Zealand gaming market.

“Experience secure deposits and swift withdrawals at the casino.”

The Swish app provides a free and convenient means to send and receive money directly from New Zealand online casinos. Transactions through Swish are both secure and expedient, often taking no more than a few minutes for payouts. Notably, using Swish for transactions incurs no charges, whether for depositing funds into the casino or withdrawing winnings.


Advantages of Swish:

  • Secure payments with BankID
  • Suitable for both deposits and withdrawals
  • Low minimum deposits starting from $25



  • Not all casinos offer payments through the app


Making Deposits with Swish

Depositing funds with Swish at casinos is a secure, rapid, and straightforward process conducted through your mobile device or tablet, using the e-ID BankID or facial recognition if activated. To play at a Swish casino, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Swish app on your mobile device or tablet.
  2. Link it to your bank account, similar to setting up internet banking.
  3. Ensure you have BankID e-ID.

Comprehensive guides on the casino’s site are available, ensuring that players can confidently deposit funds and utilize Swish for casino transactions. Your first deposit will also establish a gaming account upon payment approval. For newcomers to online casinos, logging in with BankID, creating an account, and making a deposit is a streamlined process.


How to Make a Swish Casino Deposit:

  1. Click on the deposit button.
  2. Select Swish as the payment method.
  3. Enter the desired deposit amount.
  4. Approve the transaction with BankID or facial recognition.
  5. Complete the payment using the QR code.

For enhanced efficiency, some new casinos even offer the option to deposit via Swish QR code. By scanning the casino’s QR code with your mobile device while on a computer or tablet, you can initiate payments seamlessly and rapidly through facial recognition linked to BankID.

Making Withdrawals from Swish Casinos

Online casinos supporting Swish ensure that withdrawals are processed promptly, often within minutes. What’s important to note when requesting a payout is that players typically use the same method for withdrawals as they did for their deposits. If you initially deposited with Swish, opt for Swish withdrawals. If Swish withdrawal isn’t available, Trustly offers an equally secure and swift alternative. How to Withdraw at a Casino with Swish:

  1. Navigate to your game page.
  2. Select and authorize the withdrawal amount.
  3. Receive your payout.


Getting Started with Swish at Online Casinos

Embarking on your gambling journey at a casino with Swish is a straightforward process. First, you’ll need to download the app on your mobile device. This can be easily accomplished using your BankID and mobile number. Once you’ve installed the app and activated Swish with your BankID and regular internet banking, you’re all set to make swift and hassle-free transfers.


Opting for the Best New Zealand Casinos with Swish

When it comes to choosing New Zealand casinos that support Swish, it’s imperative to select those with a valid New Zealand license. This ensures not only enhanced game protection during play but also guarantees that any winnings you accrue will be tax-free. Additionally, playing at a casino with secure payment methods overseen by New Zealand authorities adds an extra layer of security.


New Casinos with Swish

While Swish remains a popular payment method, not all new online casinos have adopted this option. Notable examples include Lucky Days Casino, Kazoom, and Betinia. Instead, these casinos operate on the Pay n Play model, allowing for seamless deposits and withdrawals using BankID, with transaction speeds comparable to those with Swish.


Advantages of Swish Casinos

For seasoned online casino players accustomed to using BankID, navigating Swish casinos is already second nature. However, for newcomers, we’ve compiled comprehensive information on playing at Swish casinos and why they’re a favorable choice.


Direct Payments

All transactions, including deposits and withdrawals, are processed instantly, ensuring efficient gameplay.


Effortless Registration

At a Swish casino, registering an account is seamlessly integrated with your initial deposit. With a simple press of a button (or through facial recognition/FaceID), your account is created concurrently with your first deposit. This process is commonly referred to as “casino without registration.”


Verification without Hassle

Unlike some casinos that require email verification or submission of ID documentation, Swish casinos streamline the process. You’re spared the time-consuming step of additional verification, both during sign-up and before a withdrawal.


Enhanced Security

Playing at a casino should always prioritize safety, especially when dealing with real money. Swish casinos ensure every deposit and withdrawal is authenticated and approved with your digital BankID. This eliminates the need to share your user information with anyone, bolstering security measures.


Beyond a Payment Method

While Swish primarily serves as a payment method, making your first deposit at a Swish-affiliated casino also serves as account verification. This is carried out seamlessly as you approve the transfer, streamlining the process. Account registration during deposit negates the need for additional identity verification, ensuring swift payouts.


Stay Informed and Manage Finances

With Swish notifications, you’ll receive updates on casino winnings directly on your mobile device. These notifications offer a convenient way to track your spending without the need to log into your bank account. Additionally, you have the option to set monthly transfer limits within the app.


Low Deposit Options at Swish Casinos

Many players value the option to play with smaller amounts at a casino. Some refer to this as “low deposits,” typically ranging from $25 to a minimum of $50. Several Swish casinos accommodate these preferences. Keep in mind that some casinos may charge a fee for playing with lower deposit amounts. Swish casinos eliminate this extra cost, providing a more favorable option for those seeking affordable gameplay.


Minimum Deposit Requirements

Swish casinos typically allow deposits as low as $25, making it the most accessible option for players looking to start with smaller funds. Exceptions exist, such as Siru mobile casinos, which require a minimum deposit of $35. For those seeking the lowest possible deposit, Swish casinos are the go-to choice, ensuring a hassle-free and cost-effective gaming experience.


Bonuses and Welcome Offers

New Zealand casinos with Swish often extend various welcome bonuses to newly registered players. These bonuses may include free spins, real money bonuses, sports betting offers, and cashback incentives. Keep in mind that while bonuses enhance gameplay, they usually require a deposit or wager to activate.


Highlighted Casinos with Swish:

Maria Casino Maria Casino is not only one of the best New Zealand casinos offering a wide range of games, but it’s also among the oldest online casinos available in New Zealand. Additionally, it provides a New Zealand bonus via Swish, ensuring an exceptional gaming experience.


Jalla Casino Jalla is a well-established favorite in the New Zealand gambling market, offering new players enticing free spins. Furthermore, Jalla is known for its bonuses without wagering requirements, making it an excellent choice for players seeking transparent terms and conditions.


Swish and Zimpler: Choosing the Right Payment Method

Zimpler is another widely-used payment method at online casinos, boasting a longer track record compared to Swish. While both options facilitate mobile transactions, there’s a crucial distinction to note. With Zimpler, players confirm their deposits without an immediate charge, receiving an invoice afterward. This approach may present some players with the temptation to overspend.


Is Swish a Secure Payment Method?

Absolutely. Swish is an officially sanctioned New Zealand payment service, known for its safety and reliability. While GetSwish AB, the parent company, doesn’t possess a separate license from the New Zealand Financial Supervisory Authority (FI), all 12 New Zealand banks offering Swish services operate under FI’s oversight. This makes Swish an integral part of a regulated financial services chain in compliance with New Zealand laws.


Do You Need BankID for Swish?

Yes, it’s crucial to pair Swish with your personal BankID when conducting transactions through internet banking at Swish-supported gambling sites. This ensures that no sensitive personal information is shared during the process.


How Fast Are Withdrawals with Swish?

At New Zealand bookmakers and casinos that support Swish, withdrawals are typically processed swiftly. In most cases, you can expect to receive your withdrawal within a few minutes, with rare instances taking up to 24 hours.


What Is the Minimum Deposit with Swish at Casinos?

Some Swish-enabled casinos permit deposits as low as $25. However, the standard minimum deposit with Swish is $100. Keep in mind that the exact amount may vary based on the casino.


Choosing the Best Swish Casino in 2024

Determining the best Swish casino is subjective and depends on various factors. We’ve compiled a list of top-rated Swish casinos, allowing you to compare bonuses, customer support, and other essential aspects to make an informed choice.


How Does Online Casino Work with Swish?

At a Swish casino, you can use the method for both deposits and withdrawals. Upon your first deposit, your casino account is automatically created. This means you won’t need to manually register. Utilizing Swish at the casino is straightforward, requiring the use of your BankID for login and payment processing.


Is There a Casino with Swish Payout?

If a casino supports Swish deposits, it’s likely that you can also make withdrawals using the same method. Jalla Casino is one example of a casino with Swish withdrawal capabilities. However, it’s crucial to review the specific terms and conditions of your chosen casino, as policies may vary among different operators.


Playing Without Registration at Swish Casinos

The concept of playing at a “casino without registration” can be somewhat misleading. At all New Zealand casinos, you’re automatically registered upon making your first deposit. This applies whether the website requires manual registration or if a BankID-enabled deposit suffices. Several of the Swish casinos listed above offer seamless, automated registration processes.


Which Casinos Accept Swish?

Over 20 online casinos in New Zealand support Swish payments. Notable examples include Speedy Casino, Jalla, and Leo Vegas, among others.


Can I Log In with a Swish QR Code?

Some online casinos that support Swish offer QR code functionality, simplifying the deposit and withdrawal process. However, if you’re solely looking to log in, using your mobile BankID is the preferred method.


Comparing Swish Ratings with Other Payment Services

When evaluating payment methods, Swish stands out as a top choice for many players. Its ease of use, combined with high levels of security, make it a preferred option for online gaming. To provide a comprehensive perspective, we’ve compared Swish with other popular payment services based on user ratings.


Final Verdict: Swish as a Secure Payment Method

For secure and efficient transactions at online casinos, Swish is a highly recommended choice. Its seamless integration with BankID ensures a safe and straightforward experience. Moreover, Swish’s affiliation with New Zealand banks and compliance with local regulations adds an extra layer of confidence for users.


Frequently Asked Questions about Swish at Online Casinos

Here are some common questions about using Swish at online casinos:

Yes, Swish is an approved New Zealand payment service and is considered safe for transactions. It operates within the framework of New Zealand financial regulations.

The best Swish casino can vary based on individual preferences and priorities. It’s recommended to compare casinos based on factors like bonuses, support, and game selection to make an informed choice.

Yes, it is recommended to use Swish in conjunction with your personal BankID for secure transactions at gambling sites.

Withdrawals with Swish are typically processed quickly, with most players receiving their funds within a few minutes. In rare cases, it may take up to 24 hours.

Some Swish casinos allow deposits as low as $25, but the standard minimum deposit is $100. The exact amount may vary depending on the casino.

At a Swish casino, you can use Swish for both deposits and withdrawals. Your casino account is automatically created upon your first deposit, eliminating the need for manual registration.

If a casino supports Swish deposits, it’s likely that you can also make withdrawals using the same method. However, it’s important to review the specific terms and conditions of your chosen casino.

While some casinos offer streamlined registration processes, all players are automatically registered upon making their first deposit, regardless of the specific method used.

There are over 20 online casinos in New Zealand that support Swish payments, including Speedy Casino, Jalla, and Leo Vegas, among others.

Some Swish-enabled casinos offer QR code functionality for deposits and withdrawals. However, for logging in, it’s recommended to use your mobile BankID.

In summary, Swish is a secure and convenient payment method for online casinos, providing a seamless experience for players. By using Swish in conjunction with BankID, users can enjoy swift and secure transactions. Remember to choose a licensed casino with Swish support for the best gaming experience.

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