Casino Payment Methods

Discovering the optimal payment method for your casino transactions is crucial. Our team of experts specializing in casino payment methods is here to steer you towards the most suitable options for online casino payments. We provide a comprehensive list of the finest payment choices tailored for New Zealand players, meticulously comparing various methods for casino transactions. These options encompass everything from direct bank transfers to the convenience of the Swish mobile app, QR codes, vouchers, and other innovative payment solutions.

Ensuring the Security of Your Payment Details in Online Casinos

Online casinos employ SSL encryption technology to facilitate secure transfers between your regular bank account and your online gaming account. SSL, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer, is a certificate that safeguards sensitive information during transactions. This includes protecting passwords, personal data, and other sensitive details.

A Secure Approach to Online Casino Payments

Regardless of whether you opt for Swish, conduct a bank transfer to a casino through a credit card, utilize an e-wallet, or rely on Trustly, among the nearly 30 other available payment methods, serious online casinos implement robust security measures. This is achieved through SSL encryption, ensuring that your personal information and payment details remain safeguarded, whether you’re making deposits or withdrawals. Rest assured that neither the casino nor any third parties gain access to your data, and no payment information is shared.

The Significance of Choosing the Right Casino

Given that most payment methods in New Zealand involve some form of player verification, such as e-identification, the selection of a reputable casino holds almost as much weight as the payment method itself. To simplify your quest for a secure casino, we can guarantee that every online casino featured on our site adheres to stringent procedures for managing your funds. Transactions are encrypted and enjoy a level of security on par with internet banking.

You’ll typically have an extensive array of payment methods to choose from for both deposits and withdrawals at the casino. All the gambling sites listed possess a New Zealand license, assuring you of a safe gaming environment approved by authorities in New Zealand. These New Zealand casinos also tend to offer BankID, which is the most prevalent and secure verification method for online purchases.

“At a casino with a New Zealand license, all your payments are protected.”

eCOGRA: An Additional Layer of Security

In addition to requiring your details for payments, online casinos must also receive approval from eCOGRA, an organization that provides an extra layer of security assurance when engaging in casino games. eCOGRA, which stands for eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, scrutinizes various aspects including responsible business practices, customer interest protection, and security features. This stringent assessment is necessary for casinos operating in the New Zealand gambling market.

Compare Payment Methods for Informed Choices

If you’re yet to settle on a payment method for your casino endeavors, our table offers a convenient solution. We’ve compiled some of the best casino payment options available at New Zealand online casinos. By comparing these methods before making your initial casino deposit, you can enhance your gaming experience.

Utilize our guide and table to swiftly access key information about various casino payment methods. This will help you identify a method that aligns with your preferences and gaming budget.

Swipe right to view detailed information about each method, allowing you to make informed decisions about the best casino payment method for your needs.

Exploring Various Payment Methods at Casinos

Here, we delve into the most common online casino payment methods in 2023, categorized by type. You’ll find concise explanations of how they operate. While there are other methods available, these are the predominant ones adopted by modern New Zealand online casinos, known for maintaining high security standards. Please bear in mind that some of the methods listed may only serve as deposit methods and might not always be available for withdrawals.

Direct Bank Transfer Trustly Casinocasino Modern Trustly is the most widely used payment method at contemporary New Zealand casinos. Nearly all New Zealand casinos incorporate Trustly, offering bonuses on initial deposits. It provides a secure and straightforward means for direct transfers to and from your bank account. To streamline the process, Trustly has introduced an all-in-one solution called Pay N Play, combining registration, verification, and deposit into a single seamless step.

Noteworthy Aspects:

  • Minimum deposit: From $5
  • Commonly utilized for acquiring bonuses
  • Enables direct withdrawals
  • Ensures a safe casino payment experience in New Zealand

Brite Brite Payment Method Brite is a relatively recent addition to the payment methods for casinos. At present, only a select number of casinos have opted to integrate it. However, given its similarity to Trustly and high demand, we anticipate its adoption to increase. Brite functions as an uncomplicated method for both deposits and withdrawals, with no need for downloads. The payment method is user-friendly, secure, and fee-free.

New Payment Methods at the Casino

  • Brite AB is regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority in New Zealand.
  • Operates for both deposits and withdrawals

Debit & Credit Cards Visa & MasterCard Account / Credit Card Direct transfer Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards have long been the primary payment choice for many at online casinos. Numerous modern casinos still accommodate card payments for both deposits and withdrawals. While the processing speed may not always match more contemporary options involving direct bank transfers, card payments at online casinos remain a viable choice.

Key Features:

  • Facilitates secure payments via card and bank
  • Direct transfers
  • Minimum deposit: $1 – $100
  • Works for both deposits and withdrawals

Revolut Digital & Physical Cards Direct transfer Secure Revolut is a modern digital bank that enables direct payments through mobile devices or physical Revolut cards in Visa and Mastercard formats. Transactions with Revolut operate much like standard credit cards, with the distinction that your Revolut account is entirely managed via a mobile app. No physical bank or savings account is required. Additionally, Revolut allows for money transfers based on phone numbers.

Essential Aspects:

  • Offers digital and physical cards
  • Facilitates direct transfers
  • Ensures security

Entropay Virtual VISA Card Prepaid Method Entropay functions as a virtual VISA card, with funds always preloaded onto the card. While this payment method allows for deposits, it doesn’t exempt users from payment remarks as traditional credit cards might. It’s not as prevalent at New Zealand casinos but remains a valid option for some.

Payment via App

Managing payments via mobile devices represents the most common approach for both depositing and withdrawing funds. Mobile solutions are user-friendly, often enabling direct withdrawals and seamless deposits with the assistance of BankID.


Swish Casino Payment Method Swish is a widely recognized payment method utilized by many for various purposes. Now, it’s possible to find New Zealand casinos that accept Swish. With Swish, you can effortlessly make deposits by entering the casino’s number in the app or by scanning a QR code. Several Swish casinos also support withdrawals through the same method. Moreover, many Swish casinos have a minimum deposit of $25 or sometimes even $5, catering to players on a budget.

Notable Features:

  • Compatible with BankID
  • Supports both deposits and withdrawals
  • Allows payment via QR code
  • Minimum deposit: $25

Apple Pay

Apple Pay Casino Apple Pay presents one of the newer payment methods available at online casinos. Players with Apple products, such as iPhones, iWatches, or iPads, can make secure, contactless payments via their mobile devices. Transactions occur instantaneously, distinguishing Apple Pay from other online payment methods. One of the primary advantages of using Apple Pay is the absence of mandatory BankID verification for every transaction. Payments at the casino can be authenticated via facial recognition (Face ID) or fingerprint recognition (Touch ID), enhancing security and expediting payments.

Key Highlights:

  • Designed for Apple product users
  • Eliminates the need for BankID verification
  • Minimum deposit: $100


Zimpler Casino Zimpler, initially available exclusively for deposits, now facilitates withdrawals as well. Formerly operating as an invoice payment service, Zimpler has transitioned into a seamless payment solution akin to Pay N Play or Swish. Transactions are executed promptly, and withdrawals are processed with efficiency.

Similar to Swish Instant Transactions Minimum deposit: $100


BankID Payment Method The BankID app itself isn’t a payment method, but it plays a significant role in depositing and withdrawing funds at New Zealand online casinos. By promptly verifying your identity with BankID during your initial deposit, you often circumvent the need to submit documents typically required for initial withdrawals. This expedites winnings, ensuring a safe and secure process.

Available at All New Zealand Casinos Accessible via App or Computer Secure E-Identification


MuchBetter Casino MuchBetter operates as an online wallet accessible through a mobile app. It allows for seamless payments to and from your account. Additionally, this payment method proves highly effective for online gaming at casinos and betting platforms that accept MuchBetter deposits. However, please note that only a limited number of casinos support transactions with this method.

Prepaid Cards, Vouchers & Vouchers


Paysafecard Casino Paysafe, or Paysafecard, is a prepaid card available for purchase at various retail locations. These value cards come in denominations of $100, $250, $500, or $1,000, corresponding to your chosen currency for online use. Each card features a unique one-time code entered during casino deposits. However, Paysafecard does not support withdrawals. When it’s time to withdraw, you can opt for an alternative method, with Trustly often being the go-to choice for casinos accepting Paysafe.

Functions as a deposit method Prepayment on the card Minimum deposit: $100


EcoPayz Casino EcoPayz operates as an online wallet, making it an excellent payment solution for numerous New Zealand casinos. Transactions are seamless, and possessing a bank account is not a prerequisite for using the prepaid EcoPayz card. This payment method boasts over 20 years of experience and is known for its security and reliability.



PayPal Casino PayPal stands as a secure payment method and is the most favored e-wallet among users. PayPal acts as an intermediary, safeguarding personal account details while enabling secure, instantaneous payments via mobile devices or computers. Casinos readily accept PayPal for both deposits and withdrawals.

Smooth, swift, and secure Facilitates deposits and withdrawals Minimum deposit: $100


Neteller Casino Payment Method Neteller offers a convenient solution for those who prefer to maintain a separate account from their bank. Referred to as an e-wallet, Neteller allows you to register an account, link it to your bank, and select your preferred currency. While certain fees may apply when transferring funds in a different currency, Neteller provides flexibility in topping up your account through bank transfers, Visa, Mastercard, or a range of other options.

Handles deposits and withdrawals Secure e-wallet Minimum deposit: $100

Skrill Skrill Casino Skrill represents another popular e-wallet widely embraced by various online casinos, both within and outside New Zealand. To commence, you’ll need to create a Skrill account. For the smoothest experience, it’s recommended to download the Skrill app to your phone. Once linked to any account, you can seamlessly transfer money and utilize it at any New Zealand Skrill casino.

Handles deposits and withdrawals Secure e-wallet and app Minimum deposit: $100

Mifinity Mifinity Casino Mifinity introduces a user-friendly e-wallet solution that facilitates all transactions directly from your mobile phone. All transactions are executed securely and swiftly. While only a limited number of casinos currently support Mifinity, there are alternative methods available for New Zealand players.

Bank Transfer Casino Bank Transfer A classic method for online casino payments, bank transfers are commonly offered in forms that seamlessly connect with your online banking, eliminating the need for additional software downloads. While a standard bank transfer may take some time, this approach streamlines the process for direct payments via bank transfer at the casino.

Works in conjunction with Trustly Secure payment through your online bank Handles both deposits and withdrawals

Payment Methods Resembling Invoices

It’s important to note that invoicing for casino payments is not available in New Zealand casinos, and we strongly advise against engaging in invoice-based casino play.

Siru Mobile Siru Mobile as a Payment Method Siru Mobile represents a payment method allowing straightforward invoice payments directly from your mobile phone. While founded in Finland, it has gained traction in various countries. Siru Mobile has been a favored choice at numerous online casinos, though it may not consistently offer casino bonuses. Please be aware that withdrawals are not possible with Siru Mobile.

Freja eID Freja eID is not a conventional payment method, but rather an electronic identification (e-ID) solution. It serves a dual purpose, functioning as both a physical ID card and a digital ID accessible via a mobile application. This versatile e-ID enables swift and secure logins, both online and in brick-and-mortar establishments. The potential rise of Freja eID is anticipated, particularly in fast payout casinos. To delve deeper into this innovative e-ID system, explore how it can be seamlessly integrated into your online experiences.

In-App E-Identification Additionally, it offers a tangible form of identification.

Google Pay for Android Google Pay, an Android-compatible payment method, is gradually gaining traction in the realm of online casinos in New Zealand. This secure payment system, designed exclusively for Android users, provides a hassle-free approach to transactions. Discover more about Google Pay and the array of options available at casinos that support this method. Much like ApplePay caters to iPhone users, Google Pay caters to the broader Android user base.

QIWI QIWI, an e-wallet solution, presents an alternative method for online transactions at select casinos. It allows for deposits and withdrawals without the need for direct bank connections, offering a convenient and streamlined experience. Registering for a QIWI account is a straightforward process. Explore further insights into this payment method and find out which casinos are compatible with QIWI.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency: A Paradigm Shift in Online Casino Payments

In the realm of New Zealand online casinos, the option to pay with Bitcoin is notably absent. Bitcoin, a digital currency, circumvents the need for account or BankID verification, offering a seamless payment experience at casinos.

Emerging Payment Methods: Trustly and the Rise of Pay n Play Casinos

Among the latest entrants in the casino payment arena, Trustly stands out, earning some casinos the moniker of “Pay n Play.” This designation owes to its swift transaction processing, ensuring smooth operations, particularly in handling financial transactions. With these methods, registration takes a backseat, and players can swiftly dive into gaming. It’s a straightforward equation: pay and play equals Pay n Play.

Not All New Payment Methods Find Their Place in Casinos

Despite the burgeoning array of payment methods in New Zealand, not all find integration within casinos. Take NodaPay, for instance—a promising payment service, yet to find its footing in the realm of NodaPay casinos. Should you spot this method in an online casino, exercising caution is advisable. Verify if the casino boasts a valid New Zealand gaming license. While the method itself is secure, its absence in casino transactions prompts a word of caution. The same holds for playing casino games with Masterpass—a secure payment service that’s yet to find its way into casinos.

Mobile Payments and QR Codes: A Glimpse into the Future

The most contemporary mode of payment involves leveraging mobile phones. Nowadays, modern casinos are optimized for mobile transactions, facilitating both deposits and withdrawals with seamless ease. The advent of the Swish payment app has further streamlined the process, offering a convenient QR code-based payment method at Swish casinos.

Gone are the days of downloading casino apps for mobile gaming. Instead, an increasing number of gambling sites, particularly those with odds, are rolling out apps that enhance the overall gaming experience, often incorporating QR codes.

Introducing “mobilbet,” a common feature in sports and online betting sites, further propelling the trend towards mobile-centric gaming.

Demystifying Trustly: The Standard-Bearer of Casino Payment Methods

The video below serves as a succinct guide to understanding Trustly, the ubiquitous payment method prevalent in online casinos.

Evolution of Casino Deposits: A Shift Towards Modern Payment Solutions

Traditional payment methods, such as direct bank transfers or conventional credit cards, are gradually being eclipsed by swifter alternatives. The advent of mobile BankID registration has paved the way for seamless deposits and withdrawals through wallets or Trustly—an industry standard at most Pay n Play casinos. Additionally, Swish has emerged as a prominent deposit method, finding acceptance in several New Zealand casinos.

Apple Pay and Google Pay: Tailored Payment Solutions for Tech Enthusiasts

As the popularity of Apple devices continues to soar, Apple Pay has carved a niche for itself, catering to users of iPhones, iWatches, and iPads. Android users, on the other hand, can leverage Google Pay at compatible casinos, further expanding the horizon of convenient payment options.

Inaugural Deposits: Unwrapping the Casino Welcome Package

With your initial deposit at the casino, your account receives an automatic registration. Casinos offering bonuses extend a deposit bonus, endowing you with an immediate boost. These bonuses vary, contingent on the nature of the casino. Sports-oriented platforms often feature odds bonuses or cashback, while some offer no-deposit bonuses or even a $100 free casino bonus.

In contemporary casinos, bonuses in the form of real money have become the norm. Free spins without a deposit are a rarity. Furthermore, not all players opt to capitalize on bonuses, given the associated wagering requirements. Bonuses devoid of such stipulations are a rarity, underscoring the importance of selecting a bonus-free casino with expedited payment methods for swift withdrawals.

Minimum Deposit Trends in 2023: Catering to Low-Stakes Players

A prevailing trend revolves around depositing amounts lower than the conventional $100 to $200 range that held sway for an extended period. Players are now inclined towards depositing anywhere between $25 and $50—a range that promises substantial entertainment value, especially for those favoring modest stakes.

This trend reflects a shifting landscape, where the allure of colossal bonuses for New Zealand players has waned, prompting a reevaluation of deposit sizes.

Navigating Withdrawal Rules: A Primer on Online Casino Payouts

Given that our recommended casinos are duly licensed in New Zealand, we delve into the prevalent rules and conditions governing withdrawals. While several casinos profess swift payouts, the actual timeline hinges on the chosen payment method, spanning both deposits and withdrawals.

Various factors influence withdrawal processing times:

  1. Day of Withdrawal Request: Banks may experience processing lags during holidays or public holidays, potentially delaying payouts until the ensuing workweek.
  2. Bank of Choice: Diverse banks operate on distinct timelines and policies, impacting the speed of financial transactions.
  3. Casino’s Verification Protocols: Most New Zealand casinos employ e-ID verification, rendering additional documentation, like bank statements, necessary only for substantial withdrawals.
  4. Payment Service Alteration: Opting to switch payment methods may necessitate submitting documents verifying ownership of all registered accounts, further elongating the process.

Traditional Payment Methods: Ensuring Smooth Deposits and Withdrawals

For players favoring conventional methods, several online casinos facilitate direct bank transfers. This mode entails divulging personal account details. The shift towards modern, alternative payment methods is attributed to several reasons.

Foremost, concerns over online fraud loom large, making players wary of sharing bank details online. Opting for a New Zealand-licensed casino alleviates such fears, assuring players that they’ve steered clear of fraudulent platforms.

Moreover, transactions originating directly from a bank typically entail a protracted procedure, consuming 3-5 working days, contingent on the bank’s operational cadence. Most players yearn for prompt payouts, a forte of contemporary gambling sites.

Simultaneously, there’s a surge in cryptocurrency adoption in New Zealand, driven by its discreet nature vis-à-vis licensed online casinos.

Electronic Wallets: A Cautionary Note

While electronic wallets offer expedited transactions, some levy exorbitant fees, contrasting with others that extend free transfers. Given the plethora of e-wallet options, it’s imperative to discern the nuanced variations in service quality. Consult our list to steer clear of options like Euteller, EntroPay, Materpass, and Ukash, which we find suboptimal for casino payments. Opt instead for fee-free alternatives, endorsed in our rankings.

Our Methodology for Evaluating Payment Methods

Transparency underpins our reviews and ratings. We’re committed to delineating the criteria influencing our assessments of casino payment methods. Here’s a breakdown of our key considerations:

  1. Background and Security: Security reigns supreme in the online casino realm. We scrutinize the payment method’s nature, transaction verification protocols, and fund flow from/to the player’s account. We delve into the method’s pedigree, examining the parent company’s track record, longevity, and geographical location. Regulatory oversight, whether from Finansinspektionen or a comparable authority, further informs our evaluation. A payment method’s renown, both nationally and internationally, as well as its prevalence within and outside the casino industry, shapes our assessment.
  2. Functionality and User-Friendliness: We gauge a payment method’s user-friendliness by probing into account registration requisites. Additionally, we ascertain the steps involved in initiating and executing transactions within the casino environment. Our evaluation extends to features on offer, enabling players to customize aspects like withdrawal source and more. We compile a balanced summary of the method’s merits and demerits for your clarity.
  3. Integration with New Zealand Casinos: We emphasize the availability of a payment method at licensed New Zealand casinos. This factor carries significant weight in our assessments. A user-friendly and secure payment method may be undermined if it lacks integration within the New Zealand casino landscape.
  4. Seamlessness in Deposits: Convenience is paramount in depositing funds, influencing our appraisals. We scrutinize the procedural steps, potential fees, and processing swiftness associated with making deposits via the method. We also evaluate the available choices pertaining to fund sourcing.
  5. Withdrawal Options and Timelines: For players, expeditious withdrawals are of paramount importance. We assess the feasibility of using the payment method for withdrawals, recognizing that not all methods accommodate this function. We delve into the steps entailed, scrutinizing whether funds flow directly into the player’s bank account or via an intermediary, such as an e-wallet. The presence of fees and the typical duration for withdrawals using the method also factor into our evaluation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Casino Payment Methods

The ideal payment method is subjective and hinges on security. This article provides a comprehensive guide to the best casino payment methods, enabling players to select an option that aligns with their preferences. It also delineates casinos offering secure payment methods for deposits and withdrawals.

Most New Zealand online casinos process withdrawals within 24 hours. The timeline, however, is contingent on the casino’s policies rather than the payment method per se. Casinos employing Trustly with Bank identification typically facilitate winnings within 5-15 minutes, exemplifying expedited payouts. A casino featuring Bank identification and Swish ranks among the simplest options for swift withdrawals, alongside the Trustly payment method.

Trustly reigns as the most user-friendly payment method at the majority of New Zealand online casinos. Its Pay ‘n Play solution streamlines registration through Bank identification, offering players a seamless transaction experience. While some players prefer casinos with Swish, PayPal casinos, or Apple Pay, all these options enhance online payments with ease and security.

In most New Zealand casinos with a valid New Zealand gaming license, both deposits and withdrawals incur no additional charges. Casinos do not levy extra fees for transactions made by players. Casinos offering Trustly, which operates seamlessly with Bank identification, exemplify this fee-free approach. While fees may vary for other payment services, casinos generally refrain from imposing extra charges on players’ chosen payment methods.

Casinos featuring Swish typically accommodate the lowest deposits, often permitting transactions as low as $2 through this payment method. Additionally, some Siru mobile casinos enable players to deposit small sums into their gaming accounts, typically ranging between $3 and $7. While locating a casino with a deposit below $100 may be challenging due to prevalent deposit minimums, select casinos may permit lower deposits.

Trustly currently stands as the predominant payment service at New Zealand online casinos. Its user-friendly bank transfer system, coupled with seamless verification via Bank identification, has propelled its popularity. Players can execute both deposits and withdrawals without trepidation. The accompanying video offers a complimentary guide to joining Trustly for free.