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In New Zealand, free spins are often referred to simply as “Free Spins.” As the name suggests, this is a game feature that allows you to play without using your own funds. In New Zealand, these are frequently included as part of a welcome bonus. By making a deposit of a specified amount, players receive a set number of free spins that can be used on one of the casino’s slot machines.

Understanding Free Spins

While you may have heard of free spins as a bonus feature within slot machines, in this context, we’re referring to the free spins awarded when you create an account at an online casino and make your initial deposit. This is essentially a casino bonus. In some other countries, these bonuses may be offered more frequently through loyalty programs. However, due to New Zealand legislation, free spins can only be granted in connection with the first deposit made while playing in New Zealand.

“Free spins to play on a slot machine”

Free spins come in various forms, and we’ll discuss them in detail later in this guide. Essentially, they allow players to spin the reels of a slot machine a specific number of times without using their own funds. This could be 10, 100, or even 200 free spins. Players simply need to open the designated slot mentioned in the bonus terms and the free spins will be automatically available. We’ll delve deeper into wagering requirements and other important aspects of free spins later in this guide. Most often, free spins are granted in connection with the initial deposit. There is a minimum deposit amount, and if you deposit more than that, you’ll automatically receive your free spins. Unlike in the past, where manual activation or bonus codes were necessary, New Zealand casinos today rarely require such steps. While some casinos do offer free spins without a deposit, they are currently quite rare in New Zealand. If you do come across them, they are highly sought after. With these, you simply need to create an account and you’ll be able to spin a specified number of times on a slot machine without depositing any money. It’s an excellent way to try out a slot without any financial risk. This is one of the reasons why free spins remain popular—they allow players to explore a casino’s game selection without the need to wager extra money.

Why Choose Free Spins?

Free spins are among the most favored bonus types at New Zealand casinos. However, it’s important to note that not all free spins are created equal, and there are different variations of this bonus. Nonetheless, they all share the common feature of granting players a set number of free spins on a slot machine. Alongside deposit bonuses, free spins are currently the primary bonuses available in the New Zealand gambling market. One of the key reasons for the popularity of these bonuses is the typically fair bonus requirements. Unlike deposit bonuses, free spins tend to have minimal or even no wagering requirements. This is a stark contrast to deposit bonuses, where players may need to wager their bonus funds up to 80 times before a withdrawal is possible. Complex bonus terms and conditions can lead to frustration, especially if players aren’t fully aware of them. Therefore, free spins often offer a simpler bonus with lower risk for both players and casinos. Advantages of Free Spins:

  • No financialcommitmentrequired
  • Real money winnings without placing bets
  • Opportunity to explore casino games without risk

Disadvantages of Free Spins:

  • Generally, they have a lower monetary value (usually under $100)
  • Not all free spins are entirely wager-free

Benefits of Playing with Free Spins

There are numerous advantages to utilizing free spins. As previously mentioned, wager-free free spins come with no financial risk, making them inherently beneficial. However, it’s worth noting that some wager-free free spins may have a cap on potential winnings. For instance, you may only be allowed to withdraw up to $100 from your free spins. Any winnings exceeding this amount would be forfeited. Nevertheless, it’s still an additional $100 in free funds, which is certainly advantageous. Another benefit of free spins is the relatively straightforward bonus conditions. In many cases, free spins are offered without any wagering requirements. In some instances, you may still need to wager the bonus a few times, but this is usually no more than 7-8 times. Opting to play at a new casino allows you to win real money without risking any of your own, giving you the opportunity to try out the casino’s slot machines without financial exposure. One of the few drawbacks of free spins is that they are typically of lower value. It’s rare for these bonuses to exceed $10 in value. This is in contrast to deposit bonuses, which can often be several thousand dollars.

Playing with “Free Money” Spins

When you receive free spins, you’re essentially playing with additional credits provided by the casino, in addition to any bonus money or deposit you make. Therefore, you can deposit the amount you wish to play with and receive free spins on top of that. In the case of wager-free free spins, you may not even need to deposit any money at all. This means you’re playing with “free money” spins, eliminating any associated risk.

Exploring New Games with Free Casino Spins

Free spins provide an excellent opportunity to sample the selection of slots offered by a casino, and even discover new favorites. While casinos typically designate which slots can be played with free spins, you may have a variety of options to choose from. In some cases, free spins may be distributed across different slot machines over several days.

Risk Assessment When Using Free Spins

While we’ve emphasized that free spins offer a risk-free way to play, it’s important to consider the specific type of free spins being used. For instance:

  • Free spins without deposit: No personal funds are required, so there’s no financial risk. If you win, you can withdraw your winnings immediately, as there are no wagering requirements. However, there may still be wagering requirements on the money you deposited to receive the free spins.
  • Free spins with wagering requirements: If your free spins winnings are subject to wagering requirements, there is indeed some risk involved. For example, if you win $100 and the wagering requirements are 8x, you’ll need to wager $800 before making a withdrawal. There’s a higher risk that your $100 won’t be sufficient to meet the wagering requirements, especially if luck isn’t on your side.

How Free Spins Work

In New Zealand, most free spins are obtained by first depositing a specified amount of money. Then, you simply need to open the designated slot machine associated with your free spins. The process generally goes as follows, depending on the casino:

  1. Visitthechosencasino.
  2. Make a deposit equal to the specified amount required for the free spins.
  3. Access the designated slot machine linked to the free spins.
  4. Utilizeyourfreespins.
  5. Fulfill any wagering requirements if applicable.
  6. Decide whether to withdraw your winnings or continue playing for real money.

Finding the Best Free Spin Casino

In our reviews, we highlight the bonuses offered by each casino. By reading these reviews, you can identify the best free spins casinos in New Zealand. We also provide information on specific bonus terms and conditions. It’s worth noting that sometimes, a bonus offering 50 free spins may be more advantageous than one offering 200 spins, depending on the fairness of the bonus terms. Here’s a list of licensed New Zealand casinos that offer free spins bonuses. As the selection of free spins casinos is subject to change, please consult the casino’s official website for the most current bonus offers. Please ensure you’re visiting a licensed and regulated online casino when claiming free spins. This guarantees that your gaming experience is safe, secure, and compliant with New Zealand’s gambling laws.


Free spins are a popular and valuable bonus type offered by New Zealand casinos. They provide a risk-free opportunity to explore the casino’s game selection and potentially win real money. While not all free spins are entirely without wagering requirements, they generally offer simpler and more transparent bonus terms compared to deposit bonuses. Before claiming any free spins, it’s crucial to read and understand the bonus terms and conditions. This will help you make the most of your free spins and potentially cash out your winnings. Keep in mind that responsible gambling is essential. Only play with money you can afford to lose, and if you ever feel that your gambling habits are becoming problematic, seek help and support from appropriate resources.  


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