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Bank transfers have long been a familiar and widely-used method of payment for many. When it comes to online casinos, using a bank transfer means directly moving funds from your personal bank account to the casino’s, often facilitated by a bank security device. However, it’s worth noting that Trustly is steadily surpassing this method, providing smoother bank transfers. Let’s delve into the intricacies of casino transactions via bank transfer.

About Bank Transfer Casinos

Playing at a casino with a bank transfer is fairly straightforward. Most of us have engaged in bank transfers at some point, whether it’s to a friend, family member, or for an online purchase. Bank transfers can be made to Plusgiro, Bankgiro, or a regular bank account. In the context of a casino, it typically involves a transfer to a Plusgiro or Bankgiro. It’s important to have internet banking access, as these transfers occur directly from your bank account. It’s crucial not to confuse direct bank transfers with those facilitated by Trustly, as they are distinct processes.

How Bank Transfers Work

When making a bank transfer to an online casino, you’ll be selecting from the following options:
  • Regular bank account
  • Bank Giro
  • Plusgiro

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Familiarity for many users
  • Works even if your bank isn’t linked to Trustly or Swish
  • No fees involved
  • Transactions can take several days
  • Requires knowledge of your account number
Again, we have listed all the available options right here to allow you to settle for the offer that you feel works best for you.
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New instant bank transfer casinos

Our Rating Criteria for Bank Transfer Payment Method

Background and Security:
  • Emphasis on robust security measures to safeguard sensitive information
  • Evaluation of transaction verifications and their security
  • Consideration of the method’s overall trustworthiness with customers and major banks
Function and Usability:
  • Assessing user-friendliness, including the need for specific apps or controls over fund sources
  • Compatibility with mobile casinos
  • Listing of pros, cons, and any associated charges

New Zealand Casinos:

  • Availability at casinos with New Zealand licenses
  • Analysis of trends in popularity and usage

Smoothness of Deposits:

  • Examination of deposit process simplicity and required steps
  • Verification of immediate fund arrival or potential delays

Withdrawal Options and Times:

  • Review of withdrawal possibilities and processes
  • Assessment of waiting times for withdrawals

Security Measures

Online casinos with New Zealand gaming licenses maintain stringent security measures. Casinos employing BankID offer enhanced security, eliminating the need to divulge sensitive information. When conducting a bank transfer, it’s imperative to ensure you only provide your bank account details within the specified deposit/withdrawal fields.

Feeling Secure in Your Payments

While wire transfer casinos are becoming less common, they still offer a secure method for transferring funds from your account to a casino. For those unfamiliar or uncomfortable with newer methods like Trustly or Swish, bank transfers can offer a reassuringly familiar alternative.

How Bank Transfer Works at a Casino

Initiating a bank transfer at a casino involves the following steps:
  1. Find a casino that supports bank transfers and register an account.
  2. After logging in, proceed to the deposit page and select “account transfer.”
  3. Access the casino’s bank details and use your Internet Bank to make the deposit.
  4. Note that sometimes the transfer may not be immediate, potentially experiencing delays due to interbank transactions.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits via bank transfer are initiated when making an initial deposit or transferring funds via your internet bank for an existing account. The deposit amount is at your discretion, with licensed casinos often implementing deposit limits for player protection.

Making Withdrawals with Bank Transfer

If a casino supports deposits via bank transfer, it typically allows for withdrawals using the same method. Keep in mind that while deposits are usually immediate, withdrawals may take considerably longer than methods like Trustly or Swish.

Betting with Bank Transfer

Betting sites frequently offer bank transfer as a payment method, making it more common in the betting arena compared to modern casinos.

Alternatives to Bank Transfer

Trustly, Swish, and Zimpler are emerging as more streamlined alternatives to direct bank transfers, gradually replacing this method due to their efficiency.

Summary and Conclusion

Bank transfers were once a dominant and widely-accepted payment method, but they’re gradually being eclipsed by more seamless options like Trustly. While they offer a secure way to conduct transactions, the delay in fund transfers may deter users. For those who value familiarity, bank transfers remain a viable choice, but their availability is diminishing as newer methods gain traction.  

Other bank transfer category winners

New instant bank transfer casinos and sites with no deposit offers are some of the most searched-for online gambling sites. Nonetheless, we believe players also consider other factors when choosing an online casino real money bank transfer. Do you prefer playing live casino games like live roulette or live blackjack? Or maybe you are concerned about the legality/safety of operators available in your state? We have broken types down into categories and have made a recommendation on each one to help you even further.
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How to choose the best

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as long as you’re playing at a casino with a New Zealand license, it’s secure. Exercise caution and only share your bank account details when making casino-related transactions.

BankID is not mandatory for the transactions themselves. Some banks allow for alternative verification methods like bank slips or security codes. However, you’ll need BankID to register an account at a casino with a New Zealand gaming license.

After initiating a withdrawal, expect some waiting time. It may take up to three business days for the funds to reach your bank account. This is due to typical interbank processing times and is independent of the casino.

No, the availability of direct bank transfers at online casinos is becoming increasingly limited. More casinos now offer alternatives like Trustly, Swish, or Zimpler for smoother transactions.

In conclusion, while bank transfers offer a secure payment method, their delayed transactions are prompting users to explore faster alternatives. As newer methods gain prominence, bank transfers are gradually becoming less prevalent in online casinos.  
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